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Of course Ken isn’t happy about this whole peace thing, but he doesn’t have much faith in it anyway!

Check out that Kickstarter! We’re approaching 7k, which makes me warm in the guts. There will be an extra page on Thursday, and ANOTHER extra page next Thursday! If we do hit that 7k, we’ll have three two pages update weeks in a row!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas. I ended up with a handful of new amiibos, which helped sate me collection addiction. I also received the Avatar The Last Airbender graphic novel ‘The Search‘. Lemme just say, it’s excellent, I stayed up late into the night reading it in one go. I was surprised by the creator commentary that Micheal and Bryan had not actually developed the back story behind Zuko’s mother beyond a couple basic concepts, but the narrative that was weaved together for The Search is an emotional fleshing out of Zuko’s parents’ relationship that adds some great, perhaps ESSENTIAL, context to their family dynamic. Gonna highly recommend that.

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  • charles81

    Which is to say “my sword has been unsheathed and is yet to taste blood.”

    • John Smith

      Tybalt: “What, drawn, and talk of peace! I hate the word, as I hate Hell, all Montagues, and thee: Have at thee, coward!”
      –Romeo and Juliet, Act 1, Scene 1. :)

  • Hfar

    “I turned down a hot chick to kick Wataro butt so don’t you talk about no Wataro peace!”

    • Astralfury

      He can list that under things he blames Wataro for too!

    • IDPounder

      That’s a straight up party foul right there.

    • suburban_samurai

      Ken’s logic is easy to follow.

  • KungFuKlobber

    So they’re finally here
    Traveling for you
    If you know the words
    You can join in too

    You should pay attention; please don’t take a nap
    As we walk you through this Yori rap!

    Yori! Wataro!

    He’s the leader of the bunch; you know him well
    He’s coming back to raise some hell
    His novelty sword is not inert
    If it slashes, it’s gonna hurt
    He’s brave and skilled; his heart is true
    He’s the first member of the Yori crew!

    Yori! Wataro!
    Yori! Wataro is here!

    Don’t make her mad, or you’ll be screwed
    She needs no sword, ’cause her mind is shrewd
    She’s an able commander when she needs to be
    Wataro, beware! Be wise and flee
    If you cross her, you’d better run quick
    Ina Senshin’s one dangerous chick

    Yori! Wataro!

    They have no style; they have no grace
    These bandits are a special case
    Fumio’s got the wrong thing to say
    And he’s not very good at running away
    Fujio’s wearing an excellent hat
    No one knows how he gets away with that

    Yori! Wataro!
    Yori! Wataro is here!

    Cho is here! Won’t you welcome him to
    The great island known better as Honshu?
    But every yin must have its yang
    So he’s on the run from Wu and Tang
    He may be blind, but he has heard
    The siren song of the rare fishbird

    Yori! Wataro!

    Fresh from learning he’s not the last
    Of the clan he knew in the distant past
    With an oversized sword that makes a whoosh
    He’s here to play multiplayer Kadoosh!
    Trees, beware when he’s on the attack
    ‘Cause Kenta D. is a lumberjack

    Yori! Wataro!
    Yori! Wataro is here!

    Finally, welcome Lord Masu
    It’s the latest member of the Yori crew
    His feet are so strong, it isn’t funny
    Can make a ninja look like a bunny
    Can’t pick up a boulder like Bunzo can
    The most gullible daimyo in Japan
    But his escape attempts have kept him spry
    Ina’s dad’s one heck of a guy!

    Come on, Ryoku, take it to the bridge!

    Bandits, demons, Wataro scum,
    Indigo samurai, and ninjas succumb!
    Ahh, yeah!
    Bandits, demons, Wataro scum,
    Indigo samurai, and ninjas succumb!
    Ahh, yeah!

    • Mike

      *holds up lighter*

    • John Smith

      Alright, I give up; what song did you parody? Is it one by James Brown?

      • suburban_samurai

        I believe this is the DK Crew song, and I find it to be a genius reinterpretation.

        • John Smith

          I just listened to that song on YouTube, and I think you’re right! :)

  • John Smith

    So, did I call it or what?

    • suburban_samurai

      Truly you are one of great insight!

  • Sunwu

    WHERE IS CHO??????????

    • suburban_samurai

      Where are the bandits??? They’ll all be on the next page, it’s hard to cram the entire cast into a panel, though!

  • Flaming Squirrel

    “Hello, Ina. Look at yo dad, now back to me. My magic wand is now a GIGANTIC SWORD!”

    • John Smith

      Totally compensating for something.

      • suburban_samurai

        Ken’s murdered people over that joke, you know.

        • John Smith

          I’m not afraid of him; the big bully!

    • Mike

      Yeah Ken tried being a stage magician before he took up mercenary work. Everyone knows this.

    • suburban_samurai

      Ken’s ability to pull his giant sword from off screen when he wants it actually required years of intense training.

      • Jonathan B

        They claim that, but the real truth is that the clan has a secret pocket dimension that only holds swords.

        • Dylan

          Of course, that’s where they get the red-and-black color scheme from! The Daisuke were founded by a time-traveling Shirou Emiya!

  • Sam DunKley

    Collect your bets.

    • suburban_samurai

      Masuhiro threw the fight!

  • CaptainBetrayer

    At least he’s going to be polite enough to share some of the kicking that will ensue. He’s mannerly, like that.

    • suburban_samurai

      He’s not that polite, though, so I imagine not too much kicking will be shared.

  • John Smith

    BTW (and sorry for going off-topic), I have “The Search” on my Kindle; it’s great stuff!

  • guildsbounty

    Ken’s right though… The Wataro army is going to potentially be equipped with firearms. It isn’t a ‘suicidal attack against an equally matched army’ when one side has guns…even wildly unreliable ones.

  • Neska

    If all Wataro we’ve met other than Genchu and Yori hadn’t shown themselves to be treacherous to one degree or another, Masuhiro would be quite right. As it is, there will be no chance of peace as long as Hirotomo is in charge. They’re going to have to kill him, kill Eijiro, and all their most loyal followers, and put Yori in charge. So, Ken is right! On with the killing!

    • Kid Chaos

      Don’t stop not dying, Ken!

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