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Bonus Script

Masuhiro: Ina! It isn’t what it looks like.

Ina: It looks like you’re a prisoner.

Yori: It looks like kinky sexy time!

Masuhiro: I mean, depending on your point of view, it may or may not be what it looks like.

Extra Bonus Script

[Cho catches up to Yori and Ina]

Cho: You there, ninja chap! That’s no way to treat a lady!

Ina: That “lady” is my dad.

Cho: Huh, you really do things differently in Japan…

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  • Charvale

    Actually, I’m pretty sure they are reinforcements… just not yours.
    Oh, and I am loving the bonus scripts!!!

    • jwkovell

      I had to double check and make sure I hadn’t accidentally re-written the next 2 pages. Some dialog is just… inevitable.

  • KungFuKlobber

    “I demand that I may or may not be Vroomfondel!”

    That would, of course, make Ayane Majikthise (or Magic Thighs).

    • suburban_samurai

      Thank you for that Hitchhikers reference. Did you go through my big stack of “stuff I love” at some point?

      • KungFuKlobber

        Nah. I just figured some people would get it, some would look it up, and others wouldn’t get it at all.

  • David A. Tatum

    Based on the extra bonus script, I’m wondering if Cho is a closet pervert, hiding his ecchi nature in the whims of a buddhist monk. (Miroku, is that you?)
    Come to think of it, where has Cho wandered off to? You would think, with a group of ninja chasing them, Cho, Fujio, and Fumio would catch up and interrupt before the question of “you’re not reinforcement, are you?” could be raised… unless they got seperated somewhere along the line.

    • jwkovell

      It’s been a long time (since the hiatus), but Cho has a habit of misjudging the gender of every person he meets. In that context, he’s quite innocently trying to put an end to a questionable situation.

      • Sunwu

        Wait how blind is cho do his eyes see blurred images or is he seeing pitch black or is it like toph and daredevil blindness?

        • jwkovell

          Cho is completely blind. Unlike Ryoku, who’s sight was based on sound, Cho acts through his perception of the Tao – and the results defy explanation.

          • John Smith

            The Tao sees all, knows all. :)

    • suburban_samurai

      Cho and co. may be just around the corner!

  • Sunwu

    Masuhiro: you see Ina when a Ninja wants to capture a Daimyo very much….

    • jwkovell

      They tie a very special kind of knot?

      • Sunwu

        and play a game of twister

        • suburban_samurai

          And that’s how baby ninjas are born.

          • Eltharrion

            Waaait, there’s baby ninjas?
            I thought they’d be full grown from moment they step out of those glass jars they’re bred in.
            I mean, how else they gonna have army of people with almost same physical figure?!

          • SotiCoto

            Oh, that just happens because they keep losing the Twister mat.

  • IDPounder


    • Sunwu

      Teeenage mutant Awkward Turtles?

    • suburban_samurai

      Coulda been worse…

  • charles81

    Yori is just hoping his daughter is as kinky as him.

    Prediction: she’s gonna turn to face this new threat and in the time it takes her to deliver an imposing speech Masuhiro will be standing behind her with his bindings in hand ready to strangle her with them.

    • suburban_samurai

      That’d be just like Masuhiro, the old dog!

      • charles81

        Except he’s even more awesome than that LULZ

  • Hfar

    Well Masuhiro is in a bit of a bind. I wonder if he’ll show he can still fight on the ropes or if for once the ninja have this one cinched.

    • suburban_samurai

      oh nooooo!! The rope puns, someone has to stop this!

      • Hfar

        I’m a frayed that’s knot going to happen.

      • Speedy Marsh

        Masuhiro is tongue tied, since Ina caught him being knotty.

  • some random viewer

    Kinky Ninja Outfit – 10000 Yen
    Ropes – 30 Yen
    That awkward moment your daughter walks in on you – Priceless

    (… for everything else, there’s MasterCho.)

    • suburban_samurai

      MasterCho, for all your awkward needs.

    • Speedy Marsh

      It pays to be discovered.

  • Have a rock

    I just noticed that it’s been awhile since the mysterious samurai sunglasses people haven’t made any appearances in awhile. Wonder when they’ll make another appearance?

    • jwkovell

      Ninja caves just aren’t Matrix and Lex’s style. There aren’t any good hiding places where they can observe the main cast and make veiled allusions.

  • AmberOne

    I have to say, despite all of the ways I imagined this would go down.
    This was a frigging sucker punch. I seriously did not see that coming.

    • suburban_samurai

      Yay, we surprised at least one reader!

  • leavescat

    “Whatever it is, I think I can handle…” She’s actually probably right. I mean, she’s seen a surprising amount of people die in front of her without being especially distraught. Besides all the people she killed with bridge traps and burning fields, Yori has cut a guy almost in half and stabbed another through the heart while she was watching a few feet away.

  • John Smith

    Reunited, and it feels so…awkward. :)

  • This guy

    This is a low moment in Japan history.
    Bondage isn’t supposed to be torture, by the way.

  • Crestlinger

    Well yes, just not Yours.

  • MoveAlongCitizen

    Soooo……. how available exactly is Masuhiro? Like, is he single or what? Cause otherwise the interestingness of this scenario just got more… er…. interesting.

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