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So Genchu’s bilingual! What can’t that man do, eh? I suppose he can’t dissuade Bartello from his goals. Also, that cop guy, he certainly has a face!

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  • jwkovell

    Ever know one of those people that can instantly find their role in any situation? Genchu epitomizes that talent. Few people could manage the transition from being a Daisuke soldier to a Wataro retainer. The question is whether the transition from fisherman to translator be as simple.

    • MoveAlongCitizen

      The man is a Master……. of rolling with it.

  • Sunwu

    Samurai? fisherman? and Bilingual? As of right now Genchu is the most interesting man in NN4B,
    Genchu: I don’t always translate foreign prattle, but when i do, I choose Portuguese….stay thirsty my friends

    • suburban_samurai

      He cuts down enemies…without ever unsheathing his sword. He scaled Mt. Fuji twice…in one day.

      • Sunwu

        The Kami…pray to him. His blood smells like Sake and Cherry blossoms, He once composed a haiku….just by sneezing

        • reynard61

          He once wrote a Yes play…

          • CaptainBetrayer

            He wears a hat so the sun doesn’t get glare. He fishes to get away from all his fans, rather than worry about dinner.

        • Ben Johnston

          He is, the most interesting Samurai in the Simulated world.

      • Ben Johnston

        After Rock Ninja picked it up!

        • Speedy Marsh

          Rock Ninja had no problem lifting Mount Fuji. It was the weight of Genchu that was his downfall.

  • CaptainBetrayer

    That cop guy may have a face, but he couldn’t even launch ONE ship away from Japan with it.
    Helen o’ Troy, he ain’t.

    • Sunwu

      Maybe he’s a robo-samurai cop the Bakufu have been workin on in secret.

  • Johannes Hjortshøj

    The guard is grumpy cat.

    • suburban_samurai

      He had fun once. It was awful.

  • Gillsing

    I have no concept of personal space and I’m taking you to your leader!

    • suburban_samurai

      That’s how Bartello rolls. He has the unfortunate circumstance of being loud and demanding in a country where no one every shouts of says what they mean. But that’s not gonna stop him!

  • Scila

    This is unacceptable.

    I`m already a fan of redpants cop. May he stay in many pages and be annoyed in each and everyone of them.

    • suburban_samurai

      I’m sure he’ll be tagging along with Genchu and Co. for a while, at least!

  • KungFuKlobber

    If he didn’t have a face, he’d look pretty creepy.

    • suburban_samurai

      Instead he just looks grumpy. I suppose that is the superior descriptor.

  • Nick Godby

    Tom Cruise should be arriving any time now..

    • Speedy Marsh

      The Last Samurai is a Christian Scientist? It really is the end of the world.

      My prediction: A few years from now, Tom Cruise will walk into a bar alone, and the world will end.

  • Dani

    Redpants has the exact same offended face as my cat. Complete with “You are inconveniencing me” eyebrows and “what stop no cease this tomfoolery at once” frown

  • Sam DunKley

    Retreading this…Ricardo is a BIG guy. Tallest in the cast?

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