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  • Dani

    While all the other impact noises sounded powerful, “boof!” just sounds like he hit him with a pillow

    • jULES

      ‘Just’ hit him with a pillow?
      It is clear you’ve never been interrogated before!

      Pray they never seat you in the comfy chair…

      • SKy

        He won’t expect that!

        • jULES

          No one >ever< expects the Inquisition…

          • Michael Suttkus

            I always expect the Spanish Inquisition! That’s what keeps me safe.

          • jULES

            You sir, are very wise!

            Or paranoid.

            One of the two in any case…

          • Michael Suttkus

            I can do both! Well, I can certainly do the one and I might be doing the other, so that’s just as good as both.

  • Premmy

    He is more badass than you

    • MoveAlongCitizen

      Unfortunately, that DOES seem to be the case.

  • Sam DunKley

    Effects seem to suggest outright superhuman strength….

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