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  • Derkins

    of course our heroic badasses are right on the frontline. not like they’d put farmers out there to die first

    • leavescat

      Cho is wherever he needs to be, Ken wouldn’t be anywhere else, and Yori has to be there for morale.

      Besides, this is a battle of attrition against superior numbers; your only hope of winning is to have the people with frighteningly high K/D ratios constantly fighting.

      • Genach Hause

        Though, since there is no respawning, everyone in that fight has zero deaths…

  • Premmy

    I appreciate eyecandy but isnt it armor time Yori? Cho?

    • Kid Chaos

      They’re too badass for armor!

      • jULES

        This, of course, is the true reason.

    • Ben Johnston

      They have the best kind of armor. Plot Armor. Plus, Cho is a blind monk with the guidance of the Force… I mean the Tao… He’ll be fine. Yori upgraded to add vambraces, so…. i’m guessing he’ll be taking /all/ head wounds this fight XD

    • Neska

      Armor slows you down and both Yori and Cho utilize speed. Yori has added some light armor which shouldn’t slow him but will still give him some protection. Cho, as a monk, may not have ever trained with armor and thus just getting used to it could really slow him down (we saw him wearing some at one point, but that was just as a disguise to move amongst the Wataro guards while looking for Ken). So yeah: armor not necessary for these guys.

      • MoveAlongCitizen

        They’re Speed-Tanking.

  • This guy

    the one thing to end any war.

  • pydsigner

    I feel like putting Ken in front would take care of this whole battle. Not like you’re going to use your shield to any effect. Also is that sternum guy again?

  • Insane Disciple

    And that would be their advantage

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