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  • Kid Chaos

    *gasp* It’s Uso!

    • Quiet Mastermind


    • animalia555

      But where’s his ridiculously long nose? Does he also sound like Inuyasha?

      • Kid Chaos

        What are you talking about? Uso’s nose has always been kind of short. 😜

        • animalia555

          Does that smily face mean you get my joke? Or at least the first half of it?

          • Kid Chaos

            As a great man once said… 😁


          • animalia555

            I was referencing USOpp from One Piece. Who in Japan has the same ValA/seiyu as Inuyasha.

            Also fun fact: Ussop’s name is a combination Of the Japanese word for lie, “Uso” (which us where Bushido’s Uso gets his name from) and Aesop. As in Aesop’s fables.

          • Kid Chaos

            Serves me right for not watching every single episode of “One Piece”. 😎

          • animalia555

            He’s introduced pretty early on. As in in within the first 50 episodes/chapters. So in this case. Serves you right indeed. 😋

  • Ben Johnston

    :O oh noooooo!


    Lol a company of all left handed archers, don’t see that every day :)

    • ValeDN

      They are part of the Great Left-Handed Army, you don’t see them often because they’re preparing to conquer the world

      • pydsigner

        Spast, he’s onto us!

  • Crestlinger

    *Notes the yellow fletching.

    • MoveAlongCitizen

      That’s a bit of a spread there, but, in fairness, if they’re shooting at an Army in formation, it’s not like they’re gonna have to be THAT accurate.

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