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  • talantus

    wait if he’S blind, how does he understand the concept of refraction? or better yet how did he aim it at his face?

    • suburban_samurai

      Someone described it to him, why not!

    • Derkins

      he’s just that good? *shrug* heh just go with it

      • Kid Chaos

        The Force is strong with this one. :)

        • jULES

          The strength is forceful with this one.
          The might is powerful with this one.
          The energy is …uhm, eh… (mumble mumble) with this one.

    • Da’Zlein

      He can smell the light, it is so tangy

      • Kid Chaos

        More like feeling the sun’s warmth on his skin.

    • Zapmolcuno

      N I N J A M A G I C K S

    • SotiCoto

      Refraction? … This is just reflection.

  • Nick Godby

    Good point =)

    but to aid ..Derkins correct.. hes just that good perhaps aimed due to his hearing is compensating for his lack of sight… lucky guess..;)
    kori didnt pick up on it anyway until…

  • Katie Balfour

    Suggestion for change of dialogue: instead of ‘wonderful, sunny day’, why not ‘bright, sunshiny day’ 😛

  • Quiet Mastermind

    How did he know where to reflect that?

    • Kid Chaos

      Radar! 😎

      • Insane Disciple


    • MoveAlongCitizen

      The same way he knows exactly where every wall and tripping hazard is in a room he’s spent a max of a few hours in and the way he’s been keeping up with Yori in every fight until now: BLIND POWER.

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