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  • Derkins

    Did Yori level up? o.o or is he just already that attached to Ina? Or that pissed about Watoro history? Maybe all of the above.

    • Kid Chaos

      “C” is for cookie…

  • slogra

    I really hate the dialogue changes here. Where’s charles to back me up?

    • charles81

      Trying to remember what it said before. All I can remember is that Yori thought “a feint” rather than us seeing a sound effect. I must confess though, I actually like that change.

      I figure if there was dialogue and I don’t remember it, then it can’t have been good enough to cover up any of this awesome fight scene… I think Yori might have said something like “oh crap” two pages back after Ina indicated the danger behind him, but it works just as well without it… could work with some awesome sound effect though.

  • Kid Chaos

    Don’t stop not dyin’, Yorikiro!

  • Strife Airleon

    re-reading archives, and seeing what could be a continuity mishap, unless we missed several panes of the fight. Yori clearly draws his sword in the previous page but here is using a draw-cut. I am confused…

    • suburban_samurai

      Yori was like “man, it looked so cool when I unsheathed my sword on the last page, I think I’m gonna sheath it again as I run at this guy and then unsheath it as I leap like a freak, SO RAD!” See? Clearly it was not a continuity error.

      • Strife Airleon

        sounds legit to me

    • LtGunnutz

      It looks more like he unsheathed it for a quick strike, then in the first panel here, he’s re-sheathing it for a second quick draw.

  • Premmy

    Nice arm work!

  • Quiet Mastermind


  • MoveAlongCitizen

    So, is this what happens when Yori gets his mind right?

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