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  • John Smith

    Love the subtle slam on Canada. THOSE BASTARDS!!! :)

  • talantus

    we canadians are not offended by this obivous lack of disrespect for our honor. (one day the world will be ours, one day!) ^-^

    • Gortarzis

      How can you be offended when you are busy apologizing all the time? 😛

      • Koto Thundrin

        Nothing is more scary a battle cry to the enemy as “WE’RE SORRY!!!” *BANG*

      • Shade

        Inside we’re all laughing over the fact that you’ve fallen for the charade.

    • Crestlinger
    • Kid Chaos

      O, Canada; whoah, Canada. 😜

  • Falling Star

    I think this is less of a slam on Canada as it is that it is nowhere near Japan, northern or otherwise.

  • Quiet Mastermind

    The north is usually teeming with monsters but if your okay with it

  • animalia555

    North Japan? So Hokkaido, or just Tohoku?

    • Insane Disciple

      Hokkaido, that place is teeming with weirdos and badasses

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