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  • John Smith

    Ina & Yori; great combo! Kind of like Bonnie & Clyde…or Butch & Sundance…or Lucy & Ethel. :)

    • Percabeth_trash

      Turner and Hooch :p

      • Kid Chaos

        Yori does remind me a little of Hooch. 🐕

      • animalia555

        Shaw and Gus (Psych reference BTW)

        • animalia555

          ShawN and Gus. The original won’t let me fix my spelling for some reason.

  • clockworkWolf

    why’s she apologising for shouting? she punched him in the face over nothing (after he’d saved her ass, no less) earlier, why not apologise for that?

  • Alex FAN

    Won’t be as powerful as the orignal but, your call

  • Rose

    Yori the great! *also no surname

  • Falling Star

    Too much, bro.

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