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  • Minor thing

    Psst… *(losing) I love seeing stage 2 of the art here.

  • charles81

    UNCLEAR: It’s a little unclear now that the earlier request for Genchu to lead the Wataro armies was just a test

    SUGGESTION: text bubble between panels 2 and 3 “This was merely a test.” OR “My demand you lead the army was a test.”

    • jwkovell

      Restored the earlier overt reference to this scenario being a test.

      While I was at it… I didn’t much like the “500 men waiting for my order to kill you” line… sounds both overly specific and ridiculous. Instead, Hirotomo is just confident that he has enough potential corpses holding swords to eventually wear Genchu down.

  • jULES

    Ah, this explains why he was too late in saving Ken’s family.

  • Insane Disciple


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