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  • charles81

    LONG PAUSE: There’s too great a gap between panel’s 4 and 8 for the broken comment. Consider moving the 4th’s speech bubble to the bottom left of the 7th panel. You could then either move the 3rd’s speech to the 4th (with nothing in the 3rd) or put something new in the 4th (maybe something like “And they were to the Wataro Clan, not Hirotomo” which could lead nicely to the next comment).

    • jwkovell

      Updated! However, I believe Calculon could’ve pulled it off!

      • Kid Chaos

        Don’t bother with the embed code, just plug in the URL; Disqus does the rest automatically. Pass on what you have learned…

  • Insane Disciple

    Great quote, Sensei

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