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Don’t tease me like that, Honouko!

E3 is happening AT THIS VERY MOMENT! Based on all the rumors swirling around Nintendo’s Direct video stream coming in two days, my hype level it THROUGH THE ROOF. But that doesn’t mean that the three press conferences we’ve had thus far haven’t shown some amazing stuff. In the past I’ve been pretty meh about Microsoft’s conferences, but now that they’ve committed to bringing all their games concurrently to PC, I can finally get excited about what’s on offer, and A LOT of great stuff got shown off. I’m just  gonna quickly run through what has me most excited, feel free to share for anyone obsessively following E3.


I just want to get sucked into Tunic’s world.


The hilarious insanity of Metal Wolf Chaos has interested me for a long time, it’s so bizarre to see it being resurrected as a remaster.


The first Ori game is a FANTASTIC metroidvania, and I’m extra hyped by the sequel, even more so because they hired on the guy who made AM2R as a level designer.


Is this technically a Dark Souls game? At the very least, it’ll likely be the first Souls-like game made by From Software that I actually beat. I’ve said before how much I love Nioh, I don’t think I could be more hyped on Sekiro!


When people criticize games for having bad stories, I just want to show Life is Strange in their face. Really looking forward to this (spiritual?) sequel. Still need to go play Before the Storm…

I’m still waiting for that Rise of the Tomb Raider GOTY Edition, but I love the 2013 Tomb Raider reboot so much, that I’m excited for any continuation, even if it’ll be a couple years before I likely get around to playing it.

I don’t much care for shooters or multiplayer, but I do care about story driven Bioware RPGs, mechs, and incredible looking open worlds. I may end up passing on Anthem when it launches, but right now I have dreams of getting wrapped up in it.


This is the big one, probably what I’m most excited for, although who knows when it’ll come out. I loves me some gritty, gorgeous scifi cyberpunk.

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  • Little Kingsguard

    “It’s not like I have a murdercrush on you or anything, b-baka”
    – Honou-ko, famous last words

    • Nos Rin aka CTCO

      dammit lol

  • Tim “Azur3flame” Eldred

    That seemed kinda short. But if there’s some kind of profound reveal that could make a nice offset.

  • Kid Chaos

    DOWN GOES HONOU-KO! DOWN GOES HONOU-KO! WHAT NOW? WHAT NOW? (No, seriously, what now?) 😲

    • suburban_samurai

      Games are incredible, LOOK AT HOW GOOD THESE TRAILERS ARE! My only experience with Gears is reading some of the novels, because I liked the author (Karen Traviss). I’ve never played any of the games, though. Granted, I’ve never owned an Xbox.

      • clogboy

        I like how well Far Cry 5 delivered on the high graphic fidelity in the trailer… ahum, and also the new God of War. :)

  • cu

    In the end, the Demons of Sorrow name was justified. What a sorrowful bunch of sorrowers, sorrowed by their own people!

    • RickRussellTX

      They’re giving a pretty sorry performance.

    • suburban_samurai

      Maybe they’ll win next time! Oh, wait.

  • Merlin

    …that… went in a very unexpected direction.

  • Red225

    Man, Honou-ku went down in a pretty dramatic way! I’m always a sucker for scenes like this, and it really touched my heart!

    • Red225

      -Similar to how Genchu touched Honou-ku’s heart, but with less stabbing pain involved.

    • Turul

      IA, can’t fault the guy for a lack of determination at least! Hope he gets his wish and fights Genchu in lifetimes to come. 😀

  • KencingFendoka

    I would say he got what he wanted, a good death at the hands of worthy adversaries.

    • suburban_samurai

      What more could you ask for!

      • Merlin

        Well, I don’t know how familiar you are with Game of Thrones, but I’m reminded of what Tyrion said when he was asked how he’d like to die: “In my own bed, at the age of eighty, with a belly full of wine and [a girl.]” (censored for public reading)

  • clogboy

    Next page is the mumbling, bumbling band of bandits calling dibs on his demon mask.

  • Purphoros

    Hm… interesting. I think this may be the first time afterlife concepts are mentioned. At least it’s the first time I recall at the moment.

    What kind of afterlife beliefs are common to these people? Reincarnation, paradise, purgatory?

    • Arkone Axon

      They did mention reincarnation in an earlier page.
      “C’mon, it’s not as if you only live once!”
      “Yeah, but I’m attached to this incarnation!”

      • clogboy

        And here’s a guy in a demon mask who wishes to fight every incarnation of your being. Nightmare fuel.

        • Xinef

          Now if only he were to team up with Ginosaji…

  • Hfar

    “Let us meet again in Valhalla!”
    “But aren’t we Japane-?”

    • tinwatchman

      In retrospect, I’m kinda shocked Japan *didn’t* develop a Valhalla equivalent at some point.

    • Redundant Jovian Thor


  • Ladon

    That… was almost… touching? Kinda sweet? It’s like a friend who has to leave but encourages his friend to come back soon. “Die soon, Genchu. I’ll miss you”

    • suburban_samurai

      They had a special kind of bond. I could really *puts fist to heart* right here.

  • Sunwu

    The switch is just behind the helmit you’ll need to turn him off

  • Turul

    Lay it off, buddy, you already got one fancy painted death scene.

    • suburban_samurai

      Yeah, that’s pretty selfish of him, he can’t just hog all the painted death scenes.

  • Dshim


  • Xinef

    But he’s right! Buddhism believes in respawning.

  • SlugFiller

    He probably should not have pulled that out

    • suburban_samurai

      Hahaha! I agree, not his most shining moment.

  • foducool

    lol damn, that guy doesn’t know when to stop

    as for E3 I’m also interested in getting my hands on metal wolf chaos, only saw a few cutscenes back when it came out and it looked like a lot of fun (btw did you see that url at the end of the trailer? “mech american great again” ahah made me lose my shit)

    also dude, DOOM INFINITE, HELL YEAH!

    • suburban_samurai

      *Sheepishly* I haven’t played the new Doom outside of the PC demo. It seemed pretty cool for an FPS, I just don’t play a lot of FPS games. One of my friends does HIGHLY recommend it, so I should really give it a try, even if I just play it on easy mode because I’m a wuss.

      • foducool

        oh yeah, definitely play it if you have the chance and of course if you’re not afraid of getting blood on your hands XD

  • Nos Rin aka CTCO

    “but now that they’ve committed to bringing all their games concurrently to PC”
    are you saying a possibility of Master Chief Collection on PC? because I want that.

    • suburban_samurai

      Oh yeah, it’s weird that Master Chief Collection hasn’t gotten to PC yet, even though they announced Infinite would be on PC. I do recall that Master Chief Collection got slammed with a lot of negative reviews due to technical issues and they were basically fixing it from the ground up, with a huge update coming later this year. They might release it on PC when they release its big update.

      • Nos Rin aka CTCO

        well only 1 and 2 and finally the first strategy game were. was SO mad 3 never came to PC.
        both 1 and 2 had extra maps on PC only that were awesome. like the area you fight off the elite when you crash land. sweeet map. also 2 had custom map making but I never understood that stuff.

        something about pirating? I dont know. it should have never been an xbox exclusive. 1. shooters are better on PC, and 2. ITS MICROSOFT.
        if it does I may spend money I shouldn’t on it! I just want to replay the campaigns and stuff. lol.

        I shall have to look to see what this infinite is. :)
        5 confused me, never played it but what I saw it looks like they tossed out the whole saving cortana thing from 4? I dont know. but I do know even the cinematics were totally lame.

  • Nos Rin aka CTCO

    cyberpunk? GET HYPED!!!

    • suburban_samurai

      I’m already hyped, I’m ON THE HYPE TRAIN!

      • Nos Rin aka CTCO


  • Brandenfascher

    It’s like what I would say when I run out of stock lives in a multi-player Smash Bros battle.

  • RickRussellTX

    Ya know if you can’t get Bill Watterson to agree to a Spaceman Spiff video game, you should probably just do a different game.

  • Warcodered

    Hah what you didn’t know was I have a spare lung. *removes sword* Now let’s fight. Wow that’s a lot of blood leaking out…I’m…I’m just going lie down for a minute…but then we fight…

  • EBeth

    Well, buh-bye Demons of Sorrow!
    I am also hyped for Anthem although I am not big on multiplayer. I was hyped about it when they announced it last year. I am big on mechs, though, so hopefully it will be as much fun as it looks. Considering what EA has done with (to) Bioware, I do have my concerns. But still hopeful!!

    • suburban_samurai

      Yeah, I want to believe in Anthem! But I also have no intention of buying it day one. I’m not into multiplayer either, although they say they want it to be playable as a single player experience. I just hope that doesn’t involve endless, repetitious grinding.

  • clogboy

    …and VOLTRON is back on!
    In short: everything that felt wrong with it, is now fixed for me. Art, story, action and music definitely taken a step up. And only 2 Vol-transformations in the first four episodes. Pacing is good, although there was a goof episode that, although being an awesome, welcome change, could’ve been used to flesh out some plot exposition a bit more. But I also think they made a good decision making the plot bomb so heavy, given its importance.
    Mostly predictable clichés, but I’ll excuse it for executing them so well. Great work from a pedigree animation team.

    • suburban_samurai

      Oh, the next season is up on Netflix? Yeah, gotta move that up on my watch list. I enjoy the show. It hasn’t really blown me away, but I like the characters and love the animation. I do agree about the soundtrack, it initially didn’t do much for me, but it feels like the compositions have been getting better as the show goes on. Still miss the classic 80’s theme.

      • clogboy

        Big step up. I binged all 7 episodes pretty much in one sitting, it feels like one big and well told story (with one D&D themed goof episode).

  • Jonathan B

    Always make a save before the big boss fights, Honou-ko. Then you won’t have these issues.

    • suburban_samurai

      Honouko’s playing with Souls-style mechanics, there are no save states!

  • Jonathan B

    Can I say I am still enjoying Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia? It has its weirdnesses, certainly. For instance, actions that trigger characters to plot against you don’t seem to take their loyalty score into account. My previously peaceful king has just engaged in two political assassinations of nobles with high loyalty scores who got into a string of plotting events against him and were starting to adversely affect his influence. But overall I’m really liking the feel and flow of the game.

    • suburban_samurai

      You can totally say that! I still think if/when I jump back into the Total War franchise, it’ll definitely be with Shogun 2. The only strategy game I’ve played recently, either turn based or real time, is Mario+Rabbids, and it’s still wonderful!

  • JP

    Is honestly simultaneously the most badass and oddly touching last words I ever heard.

    Basically a more dramatic way of saying, “I just enjoying fighting… you’re amazing at it, but losing to you isn’t enough… I wish I could fight fights with you that I might not win… again and again… but I can’t right away, I’m kind of dying… I’ll miss you in the afterlife, so please catch up soon. This is the happiest moment of my life.”

  • Minando

    THAT is real hardcore fandom.

  • Redundant Jovian Thor


    wait, aw sheet, im late, arent I?

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