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There’s a thin line between heroism and insanity/death/religious conviction/take your pick.

Oh, The superbowl happened! That’s nice that’s cool yay BUT, we also got this trailer for a little movie that I probably shouldn’t get too excited about:

Thing is, Disney keeps making these INCREDIBLE Star Wars trailers that just punch me in the gut and drag me right back onto the runaway hype train. I know it’s gonna derail and throw me into a pit of disgruntlement, but I just can’t not keep climbing back onboard. Ugh, prequels are NEVER good, but AHH, it looks like it could be a a fun time!

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  • Sunwu

    I am one with Boshido and Boshido is with me
    I am one with Boshido and Boshido is with me….

    • Not Real

      Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid.

    • clogboy

      Priest: “I’m one with Christ, and Christ is with me.”
      Hindu: “I’m one with the Universe, and the Universe is with me.”
      Arms dealer: “HERE WE GO!”

  • Merlin

    Ah, the quandary of every man of action in the face of brave men of peace.
    “If those philosophers and boy-lovers have got that kind of nerve… and of course Spartans have their reputation to consider…”

    • purplelibraryguy

      We have no need for that.

  • charles81


  • Arkone Axon

    I like this. We’ve seen that the captain is an opportunistic fool… but he’s not a coward.

  • endplanets

    “Running headfirst into gunfire sure was dumb of those guys.”
    “Hold my (non-alchoholic) beer”

  • Turul

    I like Manuel and Vasu more every time I see them.

    (Also, they are surely going to survive this, since plot armor protects them until they can walk into a bar with Cho. [Unless “bar” in this case is short for Battle At the River, in which case they may have already fulfilled that condition – we’d need to see what Cho is doing. Ah,well.])

    • clogboy

      Oooh, you’re raising the bar, like it.

    • Xinef

      What if the bar in question is… a cylindrical piece of metal.

      Now… gun barrels meet the description, don’t they?

      So, by charging at the gunmen, they are about to run into many bars!

  • Hfar

    Last panel: Vamos, meus amigos!

  • Hfar

    Last panel: Vamonos amigos!

    • 627235

      Quem quer viver para sempre?
      (At least according to google translation)

  • AGV

    Is that Lando I see in the trailer?

    Also, good to see that the Western Gang (since this is Japan, Vasu also counts as western?) isn’t going… solo

  • LordBolanderFace

    I don’t see the speech brackets. Did these guys spontaneously learn Japanese? Did the Tao bless them with the speaking of tongues?

    • suburban_samurai

      They’re speaking amongst themselves, so it isn’t really necessary. Do you think they should be in there just for consistency’s sake, I guess?

      • LordBolanderFace

        Yes I do! I demand complete and absolute consistency in every way, shape, and form! That includes art style, so I expect next week’s comic to revert back to the art used on page one!

      • SlugFiller

        On page 496, they were all talking among themselves, and brackets were used unsparingly. I think this pattern should be held

        • suburban_samurai

          Let it never be said I don’t care about consistency!

          • LordBolanderFace

            You don’t care about– *chokes on karma*

      • clogboy

        Never really a big fan of the brackets tbh. It made sense when Genchu had to translate whatever they said, but from that point on I would consider the point made that they speak a foreign language. Think I would’ve prepared an off-white speech bubble for them, but I have no background in art or communications, so take my suggestion for just another opinion (and an uneducated one at that).

  • ShadeTail

    Don’t worry. Solo is going to be great. How do I know that? Because Rogue One was great too.

    Don’t believe me? I’ll prove it:

    • suburban_samurai

      The narrator points out pretty much every problem I have with this movie and then dismisses them like they’re not big deal. But if you care about cohesive character arcs, meaningful narrative, and emotional story telling, you probably don’t like Rogue One. On the other hand, if you like watching things explode and people shoot things and get shot, it’s a real gem.

      • ShadeTail

        Well, I don’t know what problems you have with it, so I won’t presume to say anything about that. I will say that care a lot for “cohesive character arcs, meaningful narrative, and emotional story telling”, and I loved Rogue One. It has all of that in spades, but for some reason, a lot of people overlook it, often to the point of insisting it isn’t there.

        Now, it’s true that the characters, their arcs, and the narrative in general are not particularly deep, but (and here’s the important point that people seem to forget far too often) that’s been true of Star Wars from the very beginning. It’s always been a bunch of blatantly obvious archetypes bouncing against each other in a very old and well-used tragic/heroic saga. George Lucas’ entire purpose in the first place was just to pay homage to Flash Gordon and other old-time sci-fi serials.

        And Rogue One captures that essential feel of the original in ways that very few spin-offs ever have. Hell, I think it does a better job of that than even episode 7 did. Star Wars is a grandiose and melodramatic story of a galaxy at war with itself, and Rogue One fits right in.

        • suburban_samurai

          Rogue One is a movie that relies pretty much entirely on loving Star Wars canon. as a stand alone film it’s confusingly edited and miserably paced (it was a slog when I rewatched it on Netflix), with a plot that is way more complicated than it needed to be and a heavy reliance on telling instead of showing.

          Jyn and Cassian have no personality and no chemistry. Chirrut Immwe has some funny quips and a great action sequence intro, but then basically does nothing the rest of the movie until he walks over to a switch, flips it, and gets shot. The pilot guy Bodi is this weird wormy character who’s just kind of there until he plugs a thing into another thing, sends a message, and then gets blown up. Saw Gerrera gets a TON of build up but then is just some paranoid guy who dies shortly after he’s introduced. By the end of the movie, when everyone’s killed, their deaths are only abstractly tragic. They’re all pretty okay with dying for the cause so it’s hard to feel sad for any of them. I’ve seen the argument that we’re not SUPPOSED to feel sad when they die. Well, okay, mission accomplished then, because I Just felt empty. Ending on Leia to remind us how much better A New Hope is seems like the most obvious nail in the coffin.

          Then there’s the massive amount of content in all the incredible Rogue One trailers that were not in the movie, much of which makes it look like a VERY different film about making difficult moral choices. I wanted to see THAT film (with THAT soundtrack!).

          Jenny Nichols did a great video about the failings of Rogue One, and i think she’s spot on.

          • clogboy

            Thank you. I find the characters for the most part uninspiring, and those who have more potential don’t really see it fulfilled. In fact, the emphasis is on a part of the plot that doesn’t give fulfillment to any of the characters. Each dramatic moment narrows down to ‘OH SHIT ITS THE FUCKING DEATH STAR!’
            The second time round I got bored in less than 20 minutes. It fills in a gap between films, and is the Episode IV prequel that nobody really was waiting for. What it did do however, was explore some resistance plot narratives that helped make Episode VIII as good as it was.

  • Alexis Casto

    Hmm… Pray for their survivals or their deaths? I say the salesman dies first. He’s the idiot that gave the enemies the guns for money but got nothing out of it lol.

  • Nos Rin aka CTCO

    they’re dead.

  • Leandro Toniut

    Prequels never good? X-Men First class is better than all preceding X-Men movies combined. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly is also secretly a prequel, where Clint Eastwood acquires his trademark poncho.

    • suburban_samurai

      Might as well add Temple of Doom to the list (technically a prequel to Raiders). But on the whole, prequels do not turn out great, especially for Star Wars. Prequels may be at their best when they have as little connection to the stories they precede as possible.

      • Leandro Toniut

        Dunno Temple of Doom. I’m trying to find prequels that are actually better than the original.

        For a lot of people Godfather part 2 is exactly that, and it has everything to do with part 1.

        I dunno if we have enough of a precedent with Star Wars movies. Episodes 1 to 3 were uninspired in general, they wouldn’t have fared better if they were sequels. Rogue One has its flaws, sure, but so do the originals once you set nostalgia aside. Not saying that it’s better, but it marked a pattern with episode 7 that the franchise was returning to form.

      • Jordan Hiller

        Would we consider Rogue One a prequel? ’cause that’s my second favorite Star Wars film after Empire Strikes Back

  • Bepis

    “Riflemen” isn’t exactly the most accurate term; “arquebusier” would be more precise, since matchlock arquebuses don’t have barrel rifling.

    But nitpicking aside, I love this one so far. Reminds me of Total War: Shogun 2. I just hope the matchlock infantry have some yari-toting ashigaru behind them, because that firing line doesn’t seem to have any sort of cavalry screen.

    Also, random question: will we ever see proper nanban soldiers? Not just civilians, but genuine morion-and-matchlock Portuguese. Might not be too historically accurate… but then again, this comic never was (and that’s a good thing).

  • Sam DunKley

    Sooo, is he being sarcastic or just blustering?

    • suburban_samurai

      Sarcasm is not in Ricardo’s nature, he’s a man of pure bluster!

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