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Oh, Ken, can’t you just be happy to see him?

Do I even have anything to talk about? Just been continuing my quest through Mario Odyssey. Joe apparently 100% the game already because he’s a Mario champ. I played through this weirdo game called Doki Doki Literature Club. It made me wildly uncomfortable and laugh out loud a bunch of times, so take that as you will! But it’s far more of a visual novel than an actual game, so it’s hard to recommend to anyone who doesn’t want to do a lot of reading (or is turned off by cringe worthy anime harem cliches, even if they are eventually magnificently subverted).

Upon many recommendations, I’m also slowly watching my way through Stranger Things. It’s pretty cool, the soundtrack is wonderful, I love the cast, but I wish everyone wasn’t so intensely mopey (although the story justifies it). I’ll probably have more thoughts on it when I’m caught up.

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  • AGV

    We Genchu be happy to see him, Ken we?

    • suburban_samurai

      Well done!

  • Major Tom

    “Oh, Ken, can’t you just be happy to see him?”

    No he Ken’t.

    • Kid Chaos

      “I wish I knew how to quit you, Ken…” 😍

    • Ladon

      I was gonna make that pun, but then I thought “some puns shouldn’t be made”. You went where I dared not. Does that make you a hero… or a monster?

      • noerartnoe


  • Roman Wieczorek

    “I will correct this injustice for the both of us and for those who have died.”

    • Kid Chaos

      “I’m working on it!” 😜

    • jwkovell

      I can’t blame Genchu too much for forgetting what was said back then… it’s a ton of dialogue to remember!

    • clogboy

      Thanks :) may I add that the page that follows is a dead ringer for the first Kenshin OVA? (One of the best IMO)

  • Xinef

    Ken, please be mindful, Genchu “died” a few times in between then and now, so he can be forgiven for being late.

  • Turul

    Ken will be Ken.

  • LordBolanderFace

    Since you don’t have a topic for this week, here’s something I’ve been wondering… and I’m pretty sure I haven’t asked yet, so… what do you think of Fortnite? I’ve been watching this game ever since it was first announced, and now that it’s out I’m super excited but I’m not letting myself buy it because they’ve promised that it’ll go completely free to play sometime next year. In the meantime I’m having fun with their Battle Royale mode since my computer can’t handle PUBG.

    On another note, I finally got a gaming PC. Recommend me some good PC exclusives.

    • suburban_samurai

      My thoughts on Fortnight are that it looks more polished a game than PUBG, but I have no strong interest in playing either. The battle royale concept applied to video games on such a grand scale is genius, though. But I’m pretty much garbage at first person shooters, which is why I likely won’t pick up Star Wars Battlefront 2 and didn’t play the first one either, despite the incredible production values and being a Star Wars fan (also the shitty microtransaction situation).

      I don’t do a whole lot of PC gaming outside of playing with my Oculus Rift, and then it’s mostly to play Elite: Dangerous in VR with friends. I’m not much of a multiplayer gamer either, which is why I usually talk about Nintendo games or Playstation exclusives on the site. Kotaku very recently updated their “best PC games” list, although a lot of the games on it are not exclusive to the platform (which is probably a good thing, because exclusivity sucks for the consumer). I have The Witcher 3 on PC and it looks incredible. Most PC exclusives are going to fall into the “real time strategy” category, as they’re games best suited for mouse and keyboard. My wife loved Civ6 for several months after she got it.

      • LordBolanderFace

        I suck at shooters too, but I’m having a good time playing Battle Royale. It’s the first game I’ve ever found where I can have fun doing nothing but sitting in a corner for minutes on end. Hearing gunfire in the distance, watching the player counter tick down, it’s surprisingly tense! And I love how playing conservatively gets you farther than going in guns blazing. I’ve never won, but I’ve made it into the final 10 a few times just by hiding and sneaking around. Didn’t even have to kill anyone to do it lol.

        But what’s got me interested in Fortnite is the campaign(?) that comes with the full game. I’ve been waiting for a game that gives you the creative openness of Minecraft but with a more structured end goal. Trove and Portal Knights failed to impress me in that regard, so now I’ve got my eye on Fortnite! But I’m not paying for it if they’re gonna give it to me for free, lol.

        And I’m with ya, I’m a console scrub too. I mostly got a gaming PC for the nearly endless amount of memory it provides, but if I can find a few good games to play on it I won’t complain lol.

    • IDPounder

      The XCom series from Firaxis is damn good. Recommend playing them in order (before installing DLC) to get the full experience. That chain alone will keep you busy for months.

      • LordBolanderFace

        I’ve thought about that, but I suck at strategy games. I bought Civ 5, but I couldn’t get into it because I can’t strategize to save my life. And from what I’ve heard, XCom will destroy you if you don’t know what you’re doing.

        • IDPounder

          It likes to destroy your free time, even if you DO know what you’re doing. :)

          It used to be I could recommend Bioware games without a thought, but somewhere between the end of ME3 and the release of DA2, they completely lost their mojo. I think Electronic Arts finally succeeded in sucking out their soul.

          What kind of games do you like?

          • LordBolanderFace

            Mostly RPGs, but I like some action/adventure game as well. And like I said I’m mostly a console gamer, so if I play a game on PC I’d like it to be something I can ONLY play on PC, you know?

          • IDPounder

            Pillars of Eternity might fit the bill for you, it’s a traditional RPG in a fantasy-ish setting. If you’re old enough to remember Wasteland, the original creators did a Kickstarter-funded Wasteland 2 that was also quite satisfying. Not for everyone though, and certainly not a JRPG.

          • suburban_samurai

            Divinity 2: Original Sin is one of the highest reviewed games of the year, and is currently only available on PC. It’s a very narrative focused RPG with quite a number of choice based permutations. I haven’t played it, though, but I am intrigued.

          • IDPounder

            The Divinity games are on my list of “if I ever have some free time” games to play. They look quite interesting.

  • Tom Fritchman

    Where are Ina’s eyes looking in that first panel? Is she just trying to avoid gawking at Genchu’s half-bared chest (like I would be)?

    • suburban_samurai

      Genchu: “My eyes are up here, Lady Senshin.”

      • Turul

        Ngl, Cho has caused me this effect ever since the costume change. Maybe it’s more excusable since his eyes aren’t visible anyway? (“My eyes are up here!” “Up where?”)

  • Sunwu

    Ken:YER NOT MY REAL DAD GENCHU!!! when you left me in that sake bar, you said you were just going out to get a pack of cigarettes!!! I waited!!!

  • Not Real

    Is Genchu supposed to be a large-armed man? (Man with big limbs)
    Or a large, armed man? (Big man with weapons)
    From the way he’s depicted, it could go either way.

    Doki Doki Literature Club Stuff:
    I swear I could have left five or so times before the actual end of Doki Doki Literature Club if I didn’t have people who had played the game in the room with me. The file-checking, then three-day wait, then file deletion… Some of the meta-game references gave me a faint Undertale vibe, but this was really its own crazy thing. Great story, not terribly replayable, since playing it fully requires semi-replaying it about 3 times.

    • suburban_samurai

      Curses, a comma was misplaced! I fix that later.

      I almost quit playing DDLC about three times because I found the harem cliches so obnoxious. But the game kept getting buzz online so I steeled myself and played to the end, which was ultimately enjoyable. I didn’t play through the first part three times, though, but I did watch ‘the true ending’ online.

  • Ladon

    “Well, legally, I was dead” “were you really dead though?” “I gave my word I’d be dead” “wha? How? To who?” “Oh, it doesn’t matter. He’s dead.”

  • Flowerlark

    Genchu: Why yes, I DO have large arms- thank you for noticing, miss!

  • Nos Rin aka CTCO

    doki doki? oh that’s scary.
    and fuck. I never got around to reading that wataro story and now the link is dead. probably because of… cough… ya….. :(

    • Nos Rin aka CTCO

      ya, VIZ took it down. cant find any explanation but it’s definitely gone.

    • suburban_samurai

      wataro story?

      • Nos Rin aka CTCO

        i got that name wrong. the guy who wrote Ruroni Kenshin. got busted for some sick stuff. sad times.

        • suburban_samurai

          That’s what I thought you were referring to, but I wasn’t sure. I was going to talk about that next update, seeing as the Kenshin series is very near and dear to my heart.

          • Nos Rin aka CTCO

            Same. :( such feels man. I look forward to reading your thoughts.

  • Premmy

    Kenta shows his whole maturity as usual. :) so surprised he dropped his sake! But then again he lets the sake dribble from his mouth how wasteful ~

    Yes im a nitpicker.

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