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I finally saw Force Awakens a second time, and still enjoyed it! I feared that all the decidedly correct criticisms of the film’s plot and characters would cause me to be too cynical of it upon second viewing, but my experience remained intact. Things that stuck out to me a little more the second time through, though, were how muddled Finn’s reasons for leaving the First Order were, and Captain Phasma’s general lameness. Also TR-8R got a big laugh out of me this time! Man, as much as I love him, that guy really should’ve just been Phasma. If Finn had been fighting Phasma, and, at the same time, had a conversation with her about why he left the First Order, that probably would’ve solved all those problems with the movie at once! Granted, despite Finn’s less-than-clear background, he’s still so much fun to watch. “Why do you want to go back to Jakku? …You got a boyfriend? A cute boyfriend??”

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  • McNutty

    Have you read the backstory on Finn and TR-8R? It fills a few holes and makes the whole thing a little more compelling. There is no excuse for Phasma being such a pushover, though.

    • suburban_samurai

      Just like the old EU’s valiant efforts to explain the myriad of plot holes that the prequels created, Disney’s new EU is already scrambling to fill in Episodes 7’s gray areas!

  • IDPounder

    And thus was pocky introduced to Europe, inadvertently leading to the downfall of the Portuguese empire.

    • Astralfury

      I want this to be what actually happens.

  • clogboy

    Rewatch-spoiler alert?? 😉
    I’m with you on that TR-8R should’ve been Phasma. But don’t forget she’s the actress who also plays Brienne of Tarth. I like that role a great deal. But to go with Obi-Wan: this is not the warrior princess you’re looking for. Brienne is strong and can fight well with a heavy iron sword. Nimble I wouldn’t like to describe as a strong suit, but she does know how to wear armor. Did she look like a strong leader in The Hunger Games? Yes. But a warrior? Not really, unless you need a paladin. She was needed in this for her voice, but honestly (especially in the last bit) I thought an airport announcer could’ve filled her role with as much grace and conviction.

    • suburban_samurai

      That fact that gwendolyn Christie already has had tons of fencing practice working on GoT would’ve made her the perfect candidate for a fight scene! WOULDA BEEN GREAT!!

      • B. Dover

        Except she’d be dead, given how that fight ended.

        Lucasfilm has confirmed that Phasma is alive and will return in Episode VIII. Given how the movie is part of a trilogy, I can forgive such an adjustment for now.

      • clogboy

        I’m not so sure. Would have to rewatch some episodes (especially the ones before Renley got queefed) but to me, it looks like she’s positioned as big and clumsy, but strong and with a sense of duty. The heavy armour doesn’t help her much. BUT the GoT style of combat is in keeping with the Star Wars franchise (bit of the prequel but mostly with Ep7).

  • SlugFiller

    Wait… What empty cargo hold? Didn’t his ship sink?

    • Kid Chaos

      No, that was a small riverboat. The ship that brought him here is still docked in the harbor (assuming it didn’t leave without him). 😜

    • suburban_samurai

      I’m kind of kicking myself for this, because the river boat was supposed to be Japanese. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any reference for a japanese river boat from around the 1600’s and I ended up adding too many western elements to it to the point where it’s easily confused for his much larger ship that we see when Ricardo’s first introduced. I did eventually realize I could just looked at the Shogun miniseries for good Japanese boat reference and it turns out what I created was way off the mark! It should’ve been an oar manned boat.

  • Flaming Squirrel

    Genchu: “Excellent idea! I can sell you one Wataro army on the cheap. It’s sure to fetch a great price in whatever non-Japan place you bring them to.”

    • Xinef

      Except there’s this part about “safer business partners”.

      … you know, people who buy armies are rarely safe to deal with. Though they might be safe behind that army… so maybe they ARE safe business partners?

  • Lady Courage

    At this point, I feel like Ricardo’s buoyancy should be rewarded for it’s pure strength.

    • suburban_samurai

      This is why Ricardo never worries about sinking during long voyages. Must be nice to be so buoyant!

    • IDPounder

      A good salesman needs to have a short memory for failures.

  • Skyle

    Ricardo has always struck me as a weird mix of Varrick and Cave Johnson. This page is an excellent example of why

    • suburban_samurai

      I know Joe channels some Varrick when he’s writing for Ricardo. And I totes get a Cave Johnson vibe from him too!

  • Da’Zlein

    Rrrricardo will make money off this venture no matter how difficult it may be!

    • Kid Chaos

      Slick Rick! 😎

  • ColdFusion

    … though unfortunately I recently read that some of the things portuguese traders brought home included.. … japanese people. Sometimes giving them as slaves -to their black slaves-. Kinda ruins it a little. But only slightly, only slightly.

    • Xinef

      I wouldn’t be surprised if they also brought some illnesses. That was a common “commodity” back then, I think.

  • Crestlinger

    Whatever floats your boat.

  • Frank Royce Harr


    And boy have they tried.

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