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Genchu doesn’t kill children, unlike Anakin Skywalker! Also, on a new note, the pages we post moving forward will be 700px wide instead of 600px, which lets me show off the art a little more!

WARNING: I’M GOING TO TALK ABOUT MAJOR STAR WARS SPOILERS!!! Everything below assumes you’ve seen the movie.



I liked the Force Awakens, I would probably rate it my third favorite Star Wars film after Empire and New Hope, but we’ll see how it holds up on repeated viewings. What I liked most was the affability and chemistry of the new cast, Rey, Finn, and Poe are really likable! Even Kylo Ren, despite murdering his father, comes off as a sad puppy that needs a hug, albeit one who would cut your head off if you made him angry. The movie is a Star Wars film for the internet age. Several parts made me go “THINK OF THE MEMES!!!” I can’t wait to see all the Kylo Ren hissy fit skits and comics, or the inevitable flood of “THAT’S NOT HOW THE FORCE WORKS!” animated gifs. I laughed, smiled, and had a great time through the whole darn film! BUUUUUUUT, being a life long Star Wars fan and obnoxiously critical thinker, I saw some problems with this movie! I just wanted everyone to know that I really enjoyed it before I go on my inevitably long, whiny rant!

Perhaps one of my biggest disappointments with this film is the soundtrack. Maybe it will grow on me, but this movie did not deliver any new memorable themes. It’s a bummer, because each trailer leading up to the film had a custom score by John Williams, and they all used the classic trilogy themes to great effect. But, in the actual film, instead of just giving us the Imperial March to accompany the First Order, we get, I dunno, something I certainly can’t recall. Since there’s so much fan service in this film already, why not just give us our classic themes in full thundering force (pun intended)! Blast us with the Force theme when Poe makes his trench run, make us shiver with Yoda’s theme when the CG lady with big glasses starts spouting wise advice. Hit us with that Imperial March when the First Order is all gathered together. We all want it, just GIVE IT TO US!! Or at least give us new and exciting, memorable themes! I LOOOOVE John Williams, he even did stellar work on the Prequel trilogy. But Force Awakens’ soundtrack is disappointingly subdued and unmemorable.

OH GEEZ the plot redundancies in this movie bug me! Finn and Poe crash the Tie fighter, later Finn and Han crash the Falcon. Finn busts Poe out of the First Order ship, Finn and Han go to bust Rey out of the First Order base. Poe’s X Wing squad gets into an aerial dog fight with TIE Fighters, later Poe’s X Wing squad gets into an aerial dog fight fight TIE Fighters. Poe gets captured, later Rey gets captured. Han does a risky hyperspace jump to escape the freighter, later Han does a risky hyperspace jump to infiltrate the Starkiller. How risky is hyperspace jumping again? Because it’s not feeling all that risky anymore! My problem with these plot redundancies is that the danger for the characters does not escalate in this film so much as it maintains a constant level, which makes everything at once feel too dangerous and not very dangerous at all. If the lightsaber duel at the end of the film didn’t feel like a step above everything else, we would have a serious non-climax problem similar to Star Trek Into Darkness.

In a film where the vast majority of aliens are practical effects, why did they make the alien character with the largest part in the film, namely the short orange lady with big glasses, a CG creature? It bummed me out! I didn’t dislike her character, even though there’s no explanation as to who she is or what she knows or why we should consider her an authority on anything other than that she’s old, but it took me out of the film a bit when this little orange CG lady showed up in a room filled with practical effects creatures and characters.

Leia hugs Han goodbye, Leia later hugs Rey in bittersweet reunion. Leia’s super into hugs! I dunno, all the hugging felt a little saccharine. When I went to remember what Leia did in this movie, hugs were all that came to mind!!

I’m not opposed to Han getting deaded by his emo son. It’s compelling and sad and cool all at the same time, but now we’ll never see Han and Luke reunite, and that sucks!

Luke’s ‘plan’ for going into exile makes about as much sense as his ‘plan’ for busting Han out of carbonite. Either Luke wants to be found, so he left a map that both his allies and enemies could find, or he doesn’t want to be found, at which point he picked a really lousy hiding spot that could be easily located on a map that he left with some friends in hopes they’d never show anyone. Listen, Luke! Either don’t leave a map, or give the map to Leia and say “come find me when this or that particular event happens”. Maybe Luke’s ‘Map Plan’ will be explained in Episode 8, but something tells me the whole ‘Find the Map’ macguffin won’t get an explanation. Heck, if R2D2 had the second part of the map and was staying shut down to hide it, why did he reactivate to reveal it at the end of the movie? R2 was just like “Oh, are we getting to the end? Better give them the rest of the map so Luke can make his teaser cameo!”

The Millenium Falcon is GODS DAMN INDESTRUCTIBLE. It bounces off the ground and other ships like a bumper car. It maneuvers as if it’s a TIE Fighter, despite being, like, an 80 year old freighter (110 in the original EU). Even if it is modified, considering it was done so on a scoundrel’s budget, I have to wonder why every ship in the universe isn’t as equally indestructible and maneuverable. Or maybe they all are, I dunno.

The whole sequence on the freighter with the Guardians of the Galaxy rejects confronting Han, and then getting assaulted by giant CG squids felt kind of out of place to me. I kept wondering if they could’ve used that screen time for some more character banter and plot clarification. Maybe that would’ve been boring, but I like these characters so much that I just wanted to see them spend more time talking to each other instead of watching slapstick action! The physics of this movie sometimes get very slapstick and cartoony and I do not like it, but that’s just how these types of big budget effects films roll, so even though it messes with the tone of the film, I guess I just have to deal with it.

DID THEY BLOW UP CORUSCANT?? We see the Starkiller fire five shots that blow up five planets, one of which kind of, but maybe not quite, looks like Coruscant. If it was, well, they sure didn’t spend much time emphasizing how big a deal it is to blow up such a storied planet in the franchise! At least the loss of Vulcan in the Star Trek reboot felt like a big deal. Also, the members of The Resistance are able to SEE the five planets get blown up when they look into the sky. Are all of these planets in the same solar system? I find that hard to believe! I think this is another case of JJ Abrams not knowing how SPACE works. Kind of like that time Old Spock was able to look up in the sky and see Vulcan being destroyed despite being stuck on what was supposedly a far away remote ice world. And another thing, why did the First Order even blow up these planets? I may have missed some dialog about the First Order wanting to take out the New Republic Senate, but even so, it was certainly glossed over. When Alderaan got destroyed, at least I knew what Alderaan was and why it was getting blown up! And one more thing, if the First Order is not as big and powerful as the old galaxy spanning Galactic Empire, then how did they manage to make a waaaay larger and more complicated weapon than the Death Star?

Why are there three factions? There’s the New Republic, the Resistance, and the First Order. So the Resistance is fighting the First Order? Why is the New Republic not fighting the First Order? Is the Resistance part of the New Republic? Is Leia part of both the Resistance AND the New Republic? Why not just have the New Republic fighting the First Order? Wouldn’t that be a lot less complicated? I mean, maybe the New Republic doesn’t want to be in a war or something and the Resistance is made up of people who don’t like the New Republic’s peace policy, but, come on, it’s called STAR WARS, just let there be a war going on between the New Republic and the First Order. Keep it simple, people!! Also, a better explanation of what the First Order’s goals are would be good. I mean ‘Take over the galaxy’ is a given, but WHY? Is the New Republic doing a bad job of running the place?

C3PO’s design looked kinda terrible up close. He had this ugly matte finish instead of being a shiny metallic gold. There was also this one particular shot of R2D2 where 3PO was just behind him. It clearly showed a close up of 3PO’s wire exposed midriff, except it didn’t look like wires, it looked like a black body suit with a couple wires taped to it. I can’t believe I’m saying this but C3PO looked better in the prequels.

Supreme Emperor Snoke is a stupid main villain. Firstly, he’s a dumb CG cartoon man. Secondly, he looks like Voldemort. Thirdly, his name is SNOKE. Forthly, he’s not mysteriously cloaked in shadows like the Emperor was, he’s just some guy with an ugly face. He does not do or say anything that comes off as intimidating. If he’s going to be our main baddie moving forward, I hope they replace him with a guy in makeup and give him a more looming presence.

I wish they’d just revealed Rey’s past to us in this movie. I know they want to hold on to it so it can be a big reveal in Episode 8 or maybe even 9, but it causes me to ask so many questions about what’s motivating her and why she does the things she does. Clearly she knows about the Force, and has some idea of its capabilities. Maybe she received some rudimentary training when she was 8 years old or something because I find it hard to swallow that she just naturally KNEW how to do a Force Mind Trick or pull the lightsaber to her. I won’t say that I wasn’t emotionally invested in her story, because I totally was, but it would’ve made a world of difference if I’d known exactly where she was coming from. I suppose there’s always subsequent viewings after the sequels have revealed that information. But, by contrast, in A New Hope, we knew what Luke’s life had been like up to that point, which helped us understand his motivations and how crazy the events of the first film really were for him. Also, I might as well say I’d have liked more of Finn’s history revealed, too. Maybe instead of fighting squids on the freighter, Finn and Rey could’ve shared their pasts with each other, further cementing their bond and helping the audience understand them more.

So I think that covers all my complaints about The Force Awakens (also that title means what again? Is it referring to Rey’s awakning Force abilities? I vaguely recall dialog mentioning something about the Force awakening). I just want to mention again that I did greatly enjoy it despite all the problems I listed. The film’s characters had a lot of heart and plenty of great moments and fun dialog! That goes a long way to allowing me to forgive a wishy washy plot that requires some Jedi mind tricks to make sense of. If any one has a defense, explanation, or clarification for any of the points I brought up, feel free to let me know! I have, admittedly, only seen the film once at this point, and may have missed some exposition.

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  • David A. Tatum

    I have a few theories about SOME of the holes you mention.

    For example, I don’t think Luke was so much hiding as he was searching for something and not telling anyone where he was going. The data that the First Order and the Resistance had pieced together wasn’t so much tracking Luke as it was reconstructing his research to figure out where he’s going to be. I’m not sure what explanation would bring R2D2 back to life, although perhaps it was the detection of a new Light Side Force user in Rey.

    Rey’s ability to use the force: I think she’s the child of a Knight of Ren, and while not directly trained, herself, she has witnessed people being trained in the force. The lightsaber duel, though, wasn’t so much her having been taught to use the sword as much as “listening to the Force” to figure out how to do it, herself… which would be enough to hold her own against someone who was half-trained and using a defective lightsaber.

    I think Snoke isn’t who he seems to be. I don’t think he’s Luke or anything like that, but the way he was presented I think he’s a “Wizard of Oz” — he has a fake 3D projection of a superhuge version of a “powerful” guy, but he, himself, is a weak small fry who looks nothing like this. (No, not Jar Jar Binks. Although…)

    The three factions thing is odd, and I’ve got no idea if that planet was supposed to be Coruscant or some other New Republic Capital, but in my head I would describe it in the Robin Hood dynamic — you have the legal government of the villains (Prince JohnNew Order), the legal but somewhat absent government of the good guys (King RichardNew Republic, whose foibles I suspect will be expanded upon in the expected novelizations), and the plucky villains trying to help the later overcome the former (Robin HoodThe Resistance). If my interpretation is right, don’t be surprised if the heroes win by making the villains create some sort of Galactic Magna Carta in the final movie. (Imagine, Star Wars ending via a treaty — who’d have thunk it?)

    The Williams score might have been a little disappointing as there were no exceptional moment, but I THINK he was trying to set things up to work like he did in the original trilogy: Basic scores in the first movie, which can be reprised with new character themes in the second (Imperial March), and finish off the series with a big finale (the Final Duelthe Dark Side Beckons, depending on which version of the sound track you’re listening to for RotJ). Honestly, the music wasn’t as good as some of the other movies, but it wasn’t bad and didn’t distract from the film, so as long as he nails it in the final two I’m happy.

    The Falcon might actually be indestructable; at this point in the storyline, it has reached legendary status, and has been repeatedly modified and upgraded by numerous captains over… however long it’s been around. It might even include lost technology, considering the sixty or seventy years of war in its lifespan might have actually wiped out certain technology that the Falcon incorporates. So, yeah — she might very well be indestructable. (Note: Blending design for improved smuggling with warship design produces ships like the real-life warship USS Constitution — a wooden ship that cannonballs literally bounced off, in its day. She had two sister ships built on the same plans; one ran aground and was burned to prevent capture, and the other didn’t get sunk until the Civil War, by the CSS VirginiaMerrimack, and ramming it damaged the Virginia so severely that she had to leave for repairs until the Monitor was on the scene. None of them were sunk by live fire (only by ramming), and none were sunk by a ship in its same class)

    I see what you mean about the plot redundancies, but honestly? After the Abrams’ Star Treks (how many times did Kirk almost fall off a cliff in that first ST movie?) at least there was VARIETY in the redundancies.

    Um… yeah. Okay, that was my mind wandering after your observations. (Incidently, as per our e-mail correspondence, where’s my commission? Nudge, nudge!)

  • Xinef

    “I won’t go down without a fight!”
    *goes up*
    I love logic 😀

  • KungFuKlobber

    Panel 2: Hater
    Panel 3: Traitor
    Panel 5: Later
    Panel 7: Gator

    • Kid Chaos

      Sayonara, sucker! 😎

  • Rose

    Haha, so much yes on this Star Wars break-down. I rather thought that Snoke looked like the gargantuan, illegitimate child of Voldemort and Smeagol, meself.

  • Rose

    Sometimes I have to remind myself that Eijiro is Yori’s little brother. >-> Then he gets surprised by something and it’s much more noticeable.

  • charles81

    Man, I just gained a couple of levels of respect for Eijiro.

    Always thought his mouth was bigger than his courage but he’s proving me wrong. Maybe some of the previous hesitations really are just a discomfort with dishonourable and traitorous actions.

  • seandlax9

    There isn’t really three factions. The Resistance is the military arm of the New Republic.

    • suburban_samurai

      Then I say it should be called the New Republic Army!

    • leavescat

      I’m still confused as to why they’re called “The Resistance.” Who are they resisting? The First Order is a hostile group outside the republic, but their name sounds like they’re rebelling against something.

      • Alex Rawlings

        my theroy is that the republic needs to pretend to be uninvolved, but uses the resistance to funnel its covert ops element into first order territory

        • jwkovell

          Whatever the theory (and personally I was leaning toward your interpretation), the fact that we’re arguing it points to the primary problem: the political situation is far to vague to make sense of it all.

          The Republic either considers the First Order too weak to bother with (in which case they’ve made Chamberlain’s mistake x 1,000) or they’re threatened by the First Order (in which case they should counter the First Order publicly and directly.

          If the Republic is the sort of government that acts by funneling money into a secret war, it’s corrupt and the First Order could destabilize it merely by exposing its hypocrisy… a lot cheaper than building a new mega weapon with their, now more limited, funds.

          On a different point entirely, if I WERE making a hyperspace weapon, I’d keep its location secret by keeping everyone involved with the project on the planet. That secret could be kept for years (until people started noticing that a star lightyears away is vanishing every time it fires…)

          In some ways the Starkiller Base is more vulnerable because it probably can’t leave its system like the Death Star could. That’s all the more reason to hide it. The First Order should have learned by now that mega weapons in the SW universe never last.

          • Alex Rawlings

            I think of it like the US-USSR situation. up until General failure decided to reveal the trump card. neither side wanted to move overtly against the other, the first order is chilling up in imperial remnant turf and the pubs have the core worlds. both know the other has dooms day weapons, but neither wanted to employ them first.

          • jwkovell

            A Cold War scenario would make sense. Unfortunately, the movie did not work very hard to convey that feeling. The Republic seemed pretty oblivious – right up to the moment of destruction. The first Order attacked when and where it wanted and the Republic let the Resistance do all the work.

            In a Cold War scenario, a secretly funded Resistance would not be needed. The populace would be sufficiently on board with an official military response and whatever budget was necessary for protection against a powerful and aggressive enemy.

            It’ll take another viewing (and probably the other 2 movies) before I can even hope to guess at what’s really happening in the background.

          • Alex Rawlings

            fair enough

  • Da’Zlein

    Eijiro, I don’t think he was scared of your pocket knife…

  • TheArrowPen

    No extended response to your SW comments, but I have to agree on the name Snoke. And, honestly, I felt the same way about the name Phasma, which is just so corny sci-fi (but then again, so is Skywalker). Anyway, yeah… SNOKE. Guess we could make “Snake” jokes about it?

    • suburban_samurai

      Snoke? Snoke! SNOOOOOOOKE!!!

  • Matt Ramsey

    You may have taken out my best general, but you won’t take me! I may be half your size, but I have my trusty box cutter…which is half MY size if you catch my meaning!

  • OneInExile

    First, keep those amazingly silly onomatopoeia coming. I absolutely love them and your comic; I look forward to updates because I know crazy hi-jinks and unexpected twists await me.

    Second, the whole jump straight into atmosphere deal almost made me have an aneurysm. I could maybe accept jumping right out of the bigger ship as possible, but the planet jump is totally impossible. Star Wars physics states that planets, suns, black holes, and gravity wells exert “mass shadows” in hyperspace. Running into one of these means either the ship’s emergency overrides force the ship into normal space, or the ship collides with the mass shadow and is instantly obliterated. Since a planet’s gravity well extends far beyond the atmosphere, the Falcon could not have possibly achieved such a jump. Abrams did the same thing in Into Darkness with the whole “super advanced ship can fire light based weapons while traveling at faster than light speeds” thing. That’s why in the other films, whenever escape is necessary, our heroes have to get into space past whatever bad guys are there. If planet jumps were possible, everyone would do them. /rant

    Aside from that, I agree with your view. The state of galactic affairs isn’t really clear, none of the music really stuck except for the little snippets of song from previous films, and our big bad guy seems… underwhelming. Here’s to hoping Episode 8 can improve upon those points.

    • suburban_samurai

      Yeah, GRAVITY WELLS, Abrams, COME ON! JJ seems to enjoy totally breaking the laws of whatever universe he’s working in. From this point on I should expect every hyperspace jump to happen in atmosphere or from inside a docking bay, since there is apparently no repercussion for it, despite Han insisting there WAS in the New Hope.

      • Jake

        “Physics? Where we’re going, we don’t need Physics.” to paraphrase a famous fictional doc.

        Also, when it comes to canon hyperspace.. pft out the airlock. interdiction class ships, the maw, and the fact that gravity does have effect on any velocity (as far as i know from the basic physics class)

      • Kid Chaos

        I’m not going to nitpick, since it’s been done. I’ll just mention what I liked and disliked in general. I liked the return of the original cast (what was left of them, anyway), and the new blood has acting chops and charisma. I didn’t like Luke’s disappearing act, because it didn’t make much sense. 👿

        • Anothis

          The reason Han died isn’t for any real plot or in-universe thing. It was entirely meta, Mr. Ford didn’t want to play Han anymore and only did this movie because he was promised it would be the last time he’d ever be in a Star Wars movie. I knew Han was going to die before I even went into the theater purely because I paid attention to how Ford told JJ, “You’ll never get enough money to get me to play Han Solo again,” Then Disney laughed and handed Ford a blank check.

          • suburban_samurai

            I suspect he read the script and liked it enough to do it. I’m sure knowing that he got to do a dramatic death scene helped sell it for him (actors love that stuff). Ford does come off as a grumpy old man in recent years, but Ep7 might be his best acting in quite a while, and Han’s death is certainly more compelling than most of what we get in the old EU, so I’m not complaining!

  • Morghal

    No way Nataku’s lost, his moves are terrible for a japannese swordfighter

  • reynard61

    Eijiro’s just so effin’ *CUTE* in panels 5 and 6! He’ll be quite the bishonen in a few years…

  • Donutekh

    Allow me to clear up some of that confusion! 😀 More Star Wars spoilers below!:

    R2D2 actually re-activated because of BB-8. According to JJ Abrams, he was basically in a self-induced coma due to his traumatic experiences, and BB-8 roused him because they needed the rest of the map. He wasn’t actively trying to hide what he had. It just took him awhile to boot up because of his age: .

    Don’t worry, Coruscant wasn’t destroyed. The planets attacked by the First Order were in the Hosnian system (as explicitly mentioned in the movie), where the seat of the New Republic was temporarily relocated (the location of the capital/Senate is rotated, per the Star Wars: The Force Awakens: The Visual Dictionary). Coruscant is in Corusca, and presumably remains intact. The entire New Republic senate and their fleet are still very dead though…

    As for the First Order, Resistance, and New Republic conflict, here’s what I’ve gathered… (with information also from the Visual Dictionary) the First Order is obviously an Imperial remnant who still maintains control over a few planets, but who the New Republic do not consider a legitimate military threat. In fact, they’ve mostly disarmed and only have a relatively small peace-keeping force (the Starkiller attack was pretty much the rudest awakening). Leia, understanding the kind of threat the First Order poses, but sidelined out of any leadership position in the Republic, chose to continue the fight under the flag of the Resistance.

    • suburban_samurai

      Thank you for the clarification, Donutekh! Although I would still contest that all of these plot points are problems in the film because they were poorly explained and confusing upon first viewing, despite being extremely important to the plot coherency of the film. Good to know Coruscant is still alive and kicking, at least.

      • Donutekh

        100% agree! It’s problematic that I really had to fish for that information, when it’s kinda important to plot coherence… I mean, with the Starkiller thing, Hosnian Prime looks almost EXACTLY like how Coruscant has been portrayed to us in previous movies. I thought it was unceremoniously annihilated too, until looking it up afterward, and learning it’s a different system altogether.

        • multilis

          Once you realise the truth, that Jar Jar is Leia’s paternal grandpa, and Snoke is Leia’s paternal grandpa, but Jar Jar is not Snoke, it all makes sense. After that if it wasn’t confusing, that would be confusing!

          Major spoiler ahead: Shmi was made pregnant by IVF. Anakin was a test tube baby with genetic material from 3 different sources. Snoke is a clone of a famous dead Sith. And Jar Jar fooled them all.

          • suburban_samurai

            Wow, that really clears up all the mysteries! I don’t even feel I need to see Episodes 8 and 9 anymore!

      • SeanMcTiernan

        As to Rey’s use of the force without a teacher…. she sort of had one in an odd sense. Mas gave her the basic physics of the force, and the after that, pretty much everything she did was something Ren had done first.

        If you look at the trilogies, you’ll notice a LOT of repeats, not just in VII. They seem to be doing some sort of legend cycle by this point, but since so many elements continue to be reused in every one of the movies.

        • suburban_samurai

          If you say so! I’m pretty sure Rey didn’t see Kylo Force Mind Trick anyone, just try to extract brain information from her. Maybe it’s sort of the same thing, I dunno. It still feels far fetched unless she’s seen and/or been instructed in the Force to some degree in her past.

          • SeanMcTiernan

            Well, actually, she saw him use Sith mind domination on HER. The Jedi mind trick is sort of a lesser version of that, and even then, she didn’t get it right on the first two attempts

          • leavescat

            Using the Force is all about confidence: Size matters not. I think the reason it didn’t work the first two times is because she was thinking “this is ridiculous, there’s no way this should work”, and then decided “fuck that, I’m a freaking Jedi, now listen to me!”

          • Alex Rawlings

            either that, or she was briefly hearing the ghost of mace windu: “now just stab his punk ass alot.”

      • Kid Chaos

        It’s all there in the manual. 😎

  • psYcHOticHiCKeN

    The millennium falcon has a Chewbacca. He has been welding stuff on the back for decades. Probably bouncy stuff. Han is a scoundrel smuggler who never pays up. We do not see him spending cash on anything. I suspect it was not child support payments. Obviously he must have placed some serious resources into his ride. In A New Hope, Han proudly states that his ship can out run a destroyer. That suggests destroyers are very fast. The Falcon was parked with a merchant buying parts from the engines of emperial destroyers. They took an engine from a 1600 meter ship with a crew over 40,000 and modified it to stuff into an economy transport. Looks ugly but is fast and bouncy.

    • suburban_samurai

      So fast. Much bouncy.

      • reynard61


  • Sunwu

    1. I’ll take this over any of the prequels, but I wanted the movie to be more original and compelling rather than being a remake of new hope and where you can see where everything is going.
    2.THEY DID NOT BLOW UP COURISANT accordiang to wookiepedia and references made in the movie THEY BLEW UP HOSNIAN PRIME.
    3. This movie is a message to the Starwars Fandom from JJ that is “Look we know what you guys want and how to do it, now just wait for the next two for more fun!”

  • Nealend86

    Guess Genchu has no need for bushido.

    • Kid Chaos

      He hasn’t for quite a while now. 😜

  • Alicy-sunberg


  • SotiCoto

    … Meh. Not sure if I’ll bother seeing the Disney Star Wars stuff.

    So far as I’m concerned, the original Expanded Universe is the true canon… even if I haven’t read it. Disney had no right to just throw away so much hard work like that.

  • Insane Disciple

    Okay, that funny

  • dr pepper

    Kid thinks he’s Caligula. He’s not.

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