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Genchu: “Or not.”

I feel bereft of interesting things to prattle on about, so I’ll just mention again that signed copies of NN4B Volumes 1 & 2 are available for purchase at a reduced on the Hivemill store. Maybe you have a friend or loved one who digs bizarre, hilarious, anachronistic action comedy political dramas set in historically inaccurate depictions of foreign countries and, yet, has somehow never discovered No Need for Bushido! Well now’s your chance to BLOW THEIR MIND this Xmas! I’m just sayin’…

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  • McNutty

    Because of his injury?

    I was hoping it was more of a Princess Bride thing.

    • Kid Chaos

      “I am not left-handed out of practice!” 😯

  • Sunwu

    Genchu is smart to have ambidextrous sword hands that way if he got one broken he could still fight

  • Evgeny Chesnokov

    I’m pretty sure I’m like the 100th person to mention this but you don’t do sword clinches with japanese katanas. Make a couple of blades out of a kitchen foil and try to get these sparkles that you see in the 2nd row of a comic. :)

    • Pascalle Lepas

      You um… probably can’t say “Haa!” and generate a sword-throwing power field either.

      • Astralfury

        You mean anime has been lying to me all this time? :(

    • No Name

      … So if I’m reading this right, you got to page 635 of this webcomic and *this* is what breaks your suspension of disbelief?

      • Evgeny Chesnokov

        More or less, yeah. )

        • No Name

          So, like.
          The part where the ninja picked up Mt. Fuji and the heroes read about it in their medieval Japanese printed newspaper was okay?
          I mean, this comic does not exactly place a high premium on realism, is what I’m sayin’.

          • Evgeny Chesnokov

            I’m not big on newspapers, but apparently these were printed in as early as 17th century in Japan. On the other hand, I happen to know a bit about Japanese swordfighting styles and the reasons behind those.

          • No Name

            I mean… so do I, but it’s a webcomic, y’know? To make a comparison, if I read the latest issue of The Punisher and noted with dismay that the titular character shouldn’t *really* be shooting like five guns at once and hurling grenades with his teeth, you’d agree that I probably went into that with the wrong set of expectations, yeah?

          • Evgeny Chesnokov

            Of course :) I’m not saying the comic is bad because of these things, but after a certain amount of training it just hurts the eyes to see this kind of things happening. Imagine a guy hurling his sword to hit a target 15 meters away in Zatoichi, for example – you’d be startled to see that, even though it’s a movie.

          • suburban_samurai

            I’d like to publicly state that neither Joe or I have ever been offended or upset by a reader pointing out an inaccuracy in the comic’s setting or characters’ depicted martial arts style. We acknowledge that we are experts in neither, and although we’re under no obligation to directly incorporate any given knowledge into the comic, sometimes we do!

  • Hfar

    Nataku: “You won’t give me the slip this time, Genchu!”
    Genchu: “Would you rather I gave you the finger?” ( ̄ω ̄)
    Nataku: “…I hate you so much…”

    • KungFuKlobber

      Thumb up for this comment!

    • suburban_samurai

      The snark is strong with this one.

  • charles81

    Well…. Yori could fight with a sheath, so ummm….

    What else could Yori do… Oh right! Super Secret Runaway Technique!

    • KungFuKlobber

      Yori would be carrying a spare sword or two.

      • Xinef

        Two and a half, to be exact.

    • Xinef

      He’s been holding that sheath for quite a while now, so I was expecting him to use it at some point. It’s pretty common practice to use the sword sheath as either a club or for parrying. The “capture the sword with your sheath” technique is somewhat less common, I presume, but of course is also an option.

      Or you know, fake your opponent into thinking you’re defenceless, then surprise them by showing you are ambidextrous, and then kicking them in the groin.

  • KungFuKlobber

    Matrix can say what she wants, but this wouldn’t have happened if Genchu had been wielding a 12-foot zanbatou.

  • SlugFiller

    inb4 Genchu dives for the river, and subsequently learns that a gun is just as easy to use with the left hand.

  • Kid Chaos

    Oh, crap… 😯

  • RazorD9

    On one hand it was clever of Genchu be able to wield a sword with his other hand, but on the other hand, he was quickly disarmed.

    • suburban_samurai

      And now he’s fresh out of hands, be it physically or as a turn of phrase.

      • Kid Chaos

        Not to mention fresh out of swords. 😜

  • Alesayr

    Nice comic as always. Just a quick note though, if you don’t want your sword replaced after every battle the slicey bits of the sword shouldn’t touch each other. The blocker normally turns their sword so the other guys slicey bit (edge) hits their flat bit so that 1) both swords don’t become unusable rapidly and 2) larger area to push back on.

    • Xinef

      As far as I know, the common practice is to strike with the far end of the sword (i.e. the tip) and block with the near end (as in, close to the hilt). Therefore even if the near end becomes blunt (or never starts sharp, since why would you sharpen the part that never strikes), so it’s not a problem.

      Also it’s physics – the far end is faster, therefore slices better. The near end has less torque, therefore requires much less force to block.

      • Alesayr

        Those things are all correct, but when you block, you turn your sword so the flat faces the enemies edge. It makes it easier to block because it absorbs more force, but it also prevents your blade from being destroyed.

  • Zapmolcuno

    thats quite a home run

  • Da’Zlein

    Now Nataku issues the REAL challenger: Impromptu Bare-fisted Boxing Match! First to pass out gets drowned in the river!

  • Minando

    Genchu: “Fine. Hated the stupid cutlery anyway.”
    *grabs heavy stick and rams it on the General’s head*
    General:*swaying* “Hey, no secret techniques! That’s the ‘angry-kid-in-the-playground’-move…not fair!”
    *collapses on the ground*

  • No Name

    *corrects minutiae of sword-handling to demonstrate personal expertise on the internet*

    • suburban_samurai

      *Is very impressed with demonstrated expertise and continues to draw wildly impossible sword fights*

  • Bladedwind

    Ok. So, I feel like I may be missing something here, but….isn’t he supposed to be “Nine Finger Nataku”? There may be something wrong with my eyes/perception, but it looks to me like Nataku has all his fingers on this page. Unless only the tip got cut off?

    • suburban_samurai

      His right pinky does end just before the first joint, although I admit I didn’t draw it in a way that makes it abundantly clear on this page. It’s maybe a little more obvious on the fourth panel than the first.

      • Bladedwind

        Ahh, i do see it now. I had to squint lol.

  • Kid Chaos

    Don’t stop not dying, Genchu! 😁

  • Insane Disciple

    You were saying?

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