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Yumiko’s gonna hit SOMETHING with an arrow, gosh darn it! ALSO it was Yumiko shooting the arrows all along SHOCKING. Anyway, I’m really excited about this Ken vs Yumiko fight, it’ll be cool, you’ll like it, for real.

I’ve been watching Agents of Shield and I LIKE IT. I don’t think it’s brilliant story telling, in fact, I think it’s pretty darn cheesy! But I also think the Marvel movies are often equally corny. What makes it all great is the character humor, and there’s plenty of that in Shield! Also, the awesome soundtrack, I want it. Anyone have a good Zombie Coulson theory?

I’m five episodes into Legend of Korra: Book 2, and, well, is it me, or is the season kinda dragging? It’s still plenty entertaining, and I’m laughing a lot, and the fight scenes are still beautifully animated, but I totally miss Amon. He was such a great, terrifying bad guy surrounded in mystery. This new guy(Unaloq?), well, he’s got plenty of mystery surrounding him, but he is in no way as threatening as Amon, and Korra’s lack of a clear goal seems to have all the characters kinda meandering about without any real direction. Also, Iroh’s triumphant return in Book 2 was hilariously lackluster! Almost as hilarious as his totally inappropriate voice (worked great for 16 year old Zuko, maybe not so much for 20 somthing Iroh!) Still loving the series, but it definitely feels like they were scrounging for a new plot thread after the intentionally self contained Book 1. Shoulda asked me, I’m full of great Korra ideas! Great idea number one, don’t do another plot with opposing water tribe brothers. Great idea Number two, bring back mustache guy (Amon’s right hand man), I love that dude!


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  • CaptainBetrayer

    I cannot be the only one with Zangief flashbacks from that last panel. I just can’t.
    If Ken starts to Lariat, I’m done. I’ll quit.

    • IDPounder

      Ken has insufficient chest hair to be Zangief.

      • suburban_samurai

        We don’t know that! Well, okay, we know that.

  • charles81

    Cho used SNATCH – it was super effective
    Ina used FLEE – it was fail
    Ken used OORYYAAA!!! – it was full of badass

    • suburban_samurai

      Yori uses Confuse – Yori hurts himself

  • charles81

    Is it just me or are those slightly different marks on Yumiko’s side arms and leg scars? I thought I saw them when she first returned as well but discounted it.

    And hey! she’s a leftie

    • suburban_samurai

      She did go through a bit of a redesign since last we saw her! Also, she’s ambidextrous.

  • Astralfury

    At this point I expect his kadoosh ability to level the Forest.

    • suburban_samurai

      That poor, poor forest…

  • Sunwu

    Looks like things are about to kick up a Notch

    • suburban_samurai


    • MoveAlongCitizen

      A real STRIKE-ing figure she has, no?

  • BrotherPhoenix

    Oooh Ooh! Zombie Coulson Theory! My best one is that somehow Fury pulled an alternate universe Coulson in. What’s clear is that other people know more about his “death and resurrection” than he himself does (note “Robin” saying “He can never know” and Coulson’s own flippant “It’s a magical place,” which seems to mask a lack of knowledge that he is unwilling to face.) That means it’s clearly not the explanation he provides: paramedics brought him back.

    • suburban_samurai

      Alternate timeline Coulson? A coworker suggested the possibility that he’s a human form replicant of some sort with Coulson’s memories. Not that we can’t immediately jump to alternate realities, but I had my fill of that with Fringe!

  • Gillsing

    Ina is lucky in that she’s got so much cloth flapping about that if Yummyko has to hit SOMETHING, it can be nailing Ina’s robe to the ground.

    • randompersonality

      This sounds like fan service to me. lol

      • suburban_samurai

        You’ve seen it, now you can never un-see it!

      • Gillsing

        Oooh. Now I get it. No, I was actually thinking that Ina would remain in her robe, just unable to run away, or perhaps stumble and fall or something like that. But hey, your idea sounds pretty great! 😀

  • KungFuKlobber

    Blunt? I suppose Ken’s sword will kill even if it’s blunt as a brick.

    • randompersonality

      Maybe she was talking about Ken’s personality?

      • suburban_samurai

        Or possibly referring to both his problem solving methods and personality! He’s blunt all round.

        • Neska

          Round things are very blunt!

  • wr4ith0

    fwhat? you guys are back? with a simplified art style that lets you update on a regular schedule. Yes!

    • suburban_samurai

      We’re totally back! And although I would say we updated regularly before the hiatus, I do admit we are certainly updating more frequently now!

      • wr4ith0

        ah, yes. I did not mean to cast aspersions. *a faster schedule

  • Renadt

    NN4B: Yes, let the Tank actually tank. Gah, it’s like they never played an MMO before. (sarcasm)

    Also, on Korra, you are gonna love the plot twist coming your way. I am one of those people who can say, however, that I called it.

  • Dana

    Ooh, is Yumiko using the Mongolian draw? 😀
    *self-professed archery nerd*

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