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Yumiko’s all business and headed straight for Yori and Co.!

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  • Sunwu

    “信英”—“顺華(美)??” Sorry my 5 years of Chinese kicking in I know it’s japanese But I’m seeing it as “Xin ying “covered” Shun Hua mei” Which to me reads like “The True Hero(es) — Path is colorful” BUT SINCE THIS IS JAPANESE it probably says what it says IDK Maybe its an encoded message that only the ninjas can read

    • suburban_samurai

      Ha, or maybe it’s just a font with random asian looking characters and I never got around to learning a foreign alphabet! If I’m not incorrect, Japan also uses Chinese Kanji, along with Hiragana and Katakana, if I’m not mistaken.

      I know there are plenty bi/multilingual peeps out there, but I’m not one of them, sadly. It’s always a mess trying to show writing No Need for Bushido, but I’ve tended to just throw some random Kanji on paper and then place the ‘translation’ box on top. Not as good as simply knowing the correct characters, admittedly, but it’s the best I can do, given my lack of knowledge.

      Okay, the REAL best I could do would be to go out and learn the written and spoken language to add authenticity, but that’s like a life time’s worth of work right there and I don’t know if it’s really a worthy investment just to tell our comic story!

      • Sunwu

        It’s okay! The story and art more than make up for it!!

        • suburban_samurai

          Mission accomplished!

      • Steriema

        And “The True Heroes Path Is Colorful” actually sounds quite nice.
        As a flawless non-Japanese-speaker, I can back you on the ‘throw some random Kanji on paper and then place the translation box on top’. It works.

      • Gillsing

        If only you had a fan fluent in Japanese writing. Then you could ask for the occasional translation when you know that you have to show some Kanji. Not the “real best”, but it’d certainly be the most efficient.

        Or use Google translate:

        Not that I care. I’m just as oblivious as the rest of you. But maybe it would be appreciated by those in the know if the Kanji looked at least somewhat correct?

        • suburban_samurai

          That’s an excellent idea, Gillsing, thanks for bringing it to my attention! But Now I’m partly stuck on the second problem. I can copy and paste the google translation into photoshop, but it just looks very mechanically rendered. Should I go through the process of tracing/butchering the kanji/katakana to attempt to make it look hand drawn? I can see that taking some time and possibly not producing a very good result, but maybe that’s preferable to just having random kanji? Or maybe I should just use the default bland character font that I copy and paste from google?

          A tough call, especially since I’m trying to reduce the length of time I spend on each page to avoid burn out. I do think having at least an attempted logical translation to be a worthwhile endeavor. I’ll think more about it when next such a scenario is required.

          • Sunwu

            don’t try to spend anymore time on your art than you need to your system of random kanji works fine for the western audience you’re trying to capture

          • Gillsing

            Yeah, you’d probably have to try your own hand at calligraphy. Or find a better looking font than Google’s. And then, when it looks close enough to what it’s supposed to be, but not quite right, because it’s a computer-generated translation, then those who know the proper grammar/spelling will probably point it out. Just to be helpful, you know, since it looks like you’re aiming for accuracy.

            So maybe it’s better to keep going with cool looking kanji/katakana that means something completely different. Because they do look really cool. :-)

          • suburban_samurai

            Turns out there are some default Japanese fonts that are compatible with google translator that look like hand written calligraphy. So I think in the future that’s what I’ll do, google translate with the brush font. Might not be perfect, but it’s a bit more accurate, at least!

          • Sunwu

            Noooo What have I done??!!! I’ve delayed the comic!!! I’m gonna be “that guy”

  • charles81

    “I will deliver this once I’ve finished perving on your arse.”
    She must be sloopy if she’s always catching her pants and getting bits of them torn off. Easily tracked no doubt.
    I wonder if the redshirt’s duty is to also write up a new paper, find the bell now missing one and relabel it.

    • suburban_samurai

      No, he’s got to go re-tighten the listened strings every time one gets set off! And sloopy means a lot of things, but I’ll assume you’re referring to the less offense meaning of ‘drunk’, to which I will respond that she is anything but! Yumiko just spends a lot of time outdoors, winding her way through snaggy thorns and branches and such outdoor detritus.

  • KungFuKlobber

    It’s been years and I still have no idea what she’s wearing. Yumiko’s has got to be one of the most original costumes I’ve ever seen in a webcomic.

    • suburban_samurai

      I’ve seen some impressive costume designs in my time, but I’ll accept your compliment none the less!

    • Guest

      Looks to be a hakama with nothing underneath, tank top, mask and some light armor. I agree though, great designs.

  • Lady Courage

    Look! They announced their presence with HUGE HONKIN’ TAG!! What a polite way to introduce yourself. Ah, how refreshing…

    • suburban_samurai

      I am refreshed.

  • Molly Kiely Ginger Mayerson

    Love her outfit. Those knives in her belt look extra dangerous.

  • Molly Kiely Ginger Mayerson

    Impressive outfit. And those knives in her belt look extra dangerous. I love your character design.

    • reynard61

      Those aren’t knives, they’re Sais. (Singular: Sai) Their “blades” are actually circular or hexagonal in cross-section and used to block chopping strikes, stab an opponent, or strike him like one would with a club. The end of the handle can also be used for hitting an opponent.

      Here’s a short demonstration:

      • John Smith

        SEE ALSO: Neo in “The Matrix Reloaded”.

        • Dylan

          One of the few realistic depictions of Sai use. Aside from them being used against digital vampires in a virtual reality.

          • Kid Chaos

            There’s always Rafael in “TMNT”, Gabrielle from the tail end of “Xena: Warrior Princess”…so many pop culture references, so little time… :)

  • Nick Godby

    She`s got nice “Chaps”

  • MoveAlongCitizen

    Little did he know, but the message he bore was in fact, his order of execution. Sadly, Jim wouldn’t get to retire and get that farm like he was hoping…..
    I take that back, actually. Jim never accomplished much as a ninja. But one thing he certainly did, was that he had indeed, “bought the farm.”

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