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It’s the popo, cheese it! I like my silly samurai cop, I think he’ll become another lovable side character in the long haul.



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  • John Mark McDonald

    Fun comic, but Japan already had a firearms industry by this time.

    • suburban_samurai

      I’m glad you’re enjoying the comic, and I acknowledge we’re about 30 years too late for the introduction of firearms. But I’m also pretty sure there weren’t any Kabuki plays at this time period, nor had the code of bushido even been defined yet. We do not claim to be historically accurate fiction! In closing, sir, let us roll with the anachronisms.

      • Gillsing

        No Need For Historical Accuracy!

      • Sunwu

        Real talk tho,I have Japanese history today, so help me god if NNFB makes me flunk my first quiz
        “Who founded Japan, Oda Nobunaga or Yori? Trick question it’s Cho”

        • suburban_samurai

          That quiz is in the bag, sir!

        • KungFuKlobber

          Masuhiro Senshin founded Japan.

          With. His. Feet!

      • Scila

        The real question here is: are the red pants historic accurate?

        • suburban_samurai

          Red pants have been in style since time immemorial!

          • Jake

            red dyes have around for thousands of years, though the compositions of those dyes have changed many times over. Spain had the monopoly on longer lasting red dyes for several decades after the european colonization of the new world. seems that certain desert insects found on cacti in some deserts provided the richest and longest lasting red dye.

            Sometimes researching for my D&D campaigns and telling some of the more interesting tidbits to my players is more fun than finding new ways of killing off their characters…

          • The Reluctant Pedant
      • Andy Nguyen

        Given the presence of Matrix and Lex, there’s a decent chance that this whole setting is actually no more than an elaborate simulation set up for the amusement of members of a far more technologically advanced society, and therefore tinted by said society’s myopic view of the history that inspired the setting.

        Now the question is, am I referring to the society that Matrix and Lex hail from, or am I referring to OUR OWN SOCIETY? O_O

        • Speedy Marsh

          Given the history of simulations and RPGs, historical inaccuracies would be historically accurate.

    • KungFuKlobber

      *cue hot dog vendor*

  • Sunwu

    What the Captain is hearing; “Do You accept Birdfish as currency? how about I give you five of these brandishing sticks for ten of your boom sticks!”

    • suburban_samurai

      Hey, you underestimate the value of those brandishing sticks!

  • Johannes Hjortshøj

    Fear the man with the ten hands!

    • suburban_samurai

      Is this a reference to a thing?

      • Johannes Hjortshøj

        That’s the name of the weapon he is carrying. Jutte, it means ten hands

        • suburban_samurai

          Johannes, I think you just named this character!

          • Johannes Hjortshøj

            Really? Yay!

  • Lady Courage

    The sound effects in this comic are so cheesy, I can’t get enough of them. I want a soundtrack of my life with these effects. BRANDISH!!

    And yes, the cop is most enthusiastic. XP

    • suburban_samurai

      you can just yell out the verb of whatever action you’re currently performing! No doubt it would increase your cool factor by ten!

      • Lady Courage


        Hey, you’re right! It DOES! SUNGLASSES!!

        • John Smith

          OF JUSTICE! :)

      • Dani

        What if you’re walking? Do you just keep yelling “WALKINGWALKINGWALKINGWALKING etc” until you stop walking or pass out?

  • KungFuKlobber

    On the next page, another cop arrests this one for excessive silliness.

    • suburban_samurai

      Perhaps the fashion police are not fans of the red trousers.

  • Jaibyrd

    I feel the need to buy a ‘What’s all this then?” T-shirt coming on…

    • BrotherPhoenix

      I’d buy a “What’s all this then?” t-shirt. As long as it had silly samurai cop in that exact pose.

      • suburban_samurai

        this would be the most niche marketed t-shirt in the history of obscure t-shirt references.

        • Djer

          You say that like it’s a bad thing!

  • SotiCoto


  • dr pepper

    Half sai. I believe the cops carried things like that because they weren’t allowed to use deadly force against sword wielding nobles, so they had to carry things they could catch blades with.

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