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  • John Smith

    That’s one way to speed things up. 😀

  • Da’Zlein

    It’s actually a bag of rice on a stick, he just calls it a sword…

    • clockworkWolf

      he actually has kunai hidden all over his body in case someone tries to fight him

  • clockworkWolf

    he probably wears all that armour to counterbalance the sword.

  • Mason Marks

    great now all they need is 46 more ronin and the plot can begin also since no one else said it the main characters are on a journey to the west.

  • SnootsDwagon

    Oh good a Ronin. Wouldn’t be a good story without a Ronin.
    No Ronin, we’re a groanin’.


  • B-loved Worlock
    • animalia555

      I thought he was Sanosuke.

      • B-loved Worlock

        Nope, just Guts

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