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  • randompersonality

    bad touching is bad

    • Da’Zlein

      Uncle Nataku just wants to offer Eijiro a piece of candy….

    • MoveAlongCitizen

      This is the kind of guy who wants to be your friend when you’re cool, then dumps you soon as you’re not. Only, in this case, “dump” means “have assassinated.”

  • Dana

    Spelling note: “Masuhrio” should be Masuhiro” :)

    • jwkovell

      Fixed! Thanks!

    • jwkovell

      I forgot to ask: how would you like your name credited in the “editors” section in the book?

      • Dana

        “Oksana Keeney” :) Thank you

        • jwkovell

          Noted. Thank you!

  • Quiet Mastermind

    Your pinkyless hand is creeping me out face is great

  • Kid Chaos

    What a team! 😎

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