Seems likely Eijiro’s influence with Hirotomo is going to be tested a bit in the near future.

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Well, I guess we’ve come full circle!

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Nataku has perished, but his teachings live on in Eijiro! dun Dun DUN!


I’ve been playing a bit of No Man’s Sky Next on PS4 as of late. My SO bought the game digitally back when it was released. She sunk several dozen hours into the vanilla game, but then moved on. I’ve continued to come back to it with each big update, and this latest one, which adds in a 3rd person camera and character customization, has managed to sink its teeth into me. I mean, I kind of enjoyed the chill atmosphere of the game before hand, but something about being able to see your character inhabiting the space, as well as a bit more variety in the planets and more open base building options has got me thinking about NMS way more than I should be! That and we kind of already owned it, which helps.

I’m not really into open ended survival games. I tried to get into Subnautica, but it just became frustrating. Maybe I’m just a sucker for, colorful, deep space exploration. There also seems to be a bit more meat to the game’s linear storyline path, although not that much more, as its still a lot of vague introspection and text boxes.

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So who’s the real winner here, one has to wonder?

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So is Nataku technically right because it was his own blade? Or was it a Daisuke blade because it was being wielded by a Daisuke in the moment? Feel free to discuss!

This event has been a long time coming in the NN4B. Some of you predicted it, for others, maybe it was a SHOCKING TWIST! Either way, I’m very happy with how these pages turned out, it was one of my favorite fights to draw, in large part because it was a culmination of Ken’s revenge story. How Ken will feel about not landing the final blow remains to be seen, but it’d be hard to argue that Yumiko didn’t earn it.

I’ve been pretty busy lately, so I haven’t had a ton of time to watch new stuff. I have been reading the My Hero Academia manga, which is a good time. I really enjoy how relentlessly positive the story is, and how much all the characters like each other. I think about other popular shounen stuff, and most of the relationships in series like Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, etc tend to be characterized as hostile friendships. They always talk about how their friends but when we see them in their off time, they’re constantly arguing like fed up siblings. The cast of MHA is genuinely friendly with each other and enjoys working together, and it makes almost the entire cast instantly likable (well, maybe Bakugo is the counter to that statement, but he’s definitely the one exception to the rule, and I still kinda like him). At some point I will catch up on the anime, in large part because it has such a killer good soundtrack.

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Okay, not gonna lie, things are looking pretty grim.

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The heat is on! Can Nataku not handle the onslaught of the Daisuke Duo??

I’ve been watching this anime Megalobox. It’s like this amazing throwback to 90’s anime, even including a filter to make it look like hand drawn cell animation, and I love it. The show is an easy recommend to all the old school anime fans out there (and new school fans, too, it’s just a good time in general)! It’s only 13 episodes long (currently waiting for the last one to air on tv), which makes it very easy to binge. It’s on Crunchyroll exclusively atm, I believe.

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It’s Yumiko, come to impede on Ken’s glorious vengeance!

So, E3 is over, and I still can’t believe how we got three separate feudal Japan samurai action games announcements! Well, okay, technically Ghosts of Tsushima had been previously announced, but that gameplay trailer is incredible. This E3 was definitely the year of the samurai.  I’m admittedly bummed all the rumors swirling around the Nintendo Direct didn’t manifest. No Retro Studios Starfox game. No new F-Zero. No Bayonetta 3. Not even info on that Yoshi game. And even though we finally saw the Fire Emblem Switch game, it does not appear to be the incredibly tantalizing but dubious gothic themed FE (although I am still very excited for it).

I did finally pick up Hollow Knight on Switch since it shadow dropped during the Nintendo Direct. I’ve wanted to dive into that particular Metroidvania for what feels like years now, but it seems holding out for the Switch version was the right call. I haven’t gotten much beyond the opening few minutes yet, though, but I have no doubt it’ll be a good time.

Anyway, it was a pretty great E3! And hey, David Hayter is back as Snake, nice!

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Don’t tease me like that, Honouko!

E3 is happening AT THIS VERY MOMENT! Based on all the rumors swirling around Nintendo’s Direct video stream coming in two days, my hype level it THROUGH THE ROOF. But that doesn’t mean that the three press conferences we’ve had thus far haven’t shown some amazing stuff. In the past I’ve been pretty meh about Microsoft’s conferences, but now that they’ve committed to bringing all their games concurrently to PC, I can finally get excited about what’s on offer, and A LOT of great stuff got shown off. I’m just  gonna quickly run through what has me most excited, feel free to share for anyone obsessively following E3.


I just want to get sucked into Tunic’s world.


The hilarious insanity of Metal Wolf Chaos has interested me for a long time, it’s so bizarre to see it being resurrected as a remaster.


The first Ori game is a FANTASTIC metroidvania, and I’m extra hyped by the sequel, even more so because they hired on the guy who made AM2R as a level designer.


Is this technically a Dark Souls game? At the very least, it’ll likely be the first Souls-like game made by From Software that I actually beat. I’ve said before how much I love Nioh, I don’t think I could be more hyped on Sekiro!


When people criticize games for having bad stories, I just want to show Life is Strange in their face. Really looking forward to this (spiritual?) sequel. Still need to go play Before the Storm…

I’m still waiting for that Rise of the Tomb Raider GOTY Edition, but I love the 2013 Tomb Raider reboot so much, that I’m excited for any continuation, even if it’ll be a couple years before I likely get around to playing it.

I don’t much care for shooters or multiplayer, but I do care about story driven Bioware RPGs, mechs, and incredible looking open worlds. I may end up passing on Anthem when it launches, but right now I have dreams of getting wrapped up in it.


This is the big one, probably what I’m most excited for, although who knows when it’ll come out. I loves me some gritty, gorgeous scifi cyberpunk.

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