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  • margarinecup

    It’s not pink, it’s light red! Like blood! Yeah… Shut up I’m a man!

    • Zapmolcuno

      Hey man pink is the manliest color

    • Katie Balfour

      Pink was considered THE boy’s colour till WW2 – blue was for girls.

    • TimeDragonAsteroid

      Pink is the color of intestines.
      I think…

    • SingingShadowFox

      “It’s not pink, it’s light red!”
      “Hey, guess what? They have a name for that. It’s called pink, you idiot!”

      I assume you were going for Red VS Blue. If not, I’ll just go back to my nerd corner.

      • margarinecup

        I very much was!

      • animalia555

        There’s a fine line between Dark Pink and Light Red

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