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  • John Smith

    Best Friends Forever! :)

    • Debbie Wright

      Well, that’s sorta how most of Goku’s friendships start, after all.

      • Quiet Mastermind

        Hmm, true.

  • Da’Zlein

    New party member acquired!

    • Koto Thundrin

      Again lol. 3 in 30 pages?

  • clockworkWolf

    what? why the fuck is he coming with him?

    • Kid Chaos


    • Cross Hatch

      Because he can see an idiot who’ll likely screw up more than he’ll fix.

    • SingingShadowFox

      Love? Friendship? Fun? Destiny? Really wanting to see him fail? Actually liking him? So many fun choices…

    • jULES

      He has nothing better to do.

      • Ladon

        True dat.

  • Ben Johnston

    Sooooo…. 3 fighter bases (samurai, samurai, and monk) and a princess…. Needs more heals, lol

    • Kid Chaos

      Actually, Ina makes a pretty good medic, so they’re covered.

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