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  • Kid Chaos

    Like I said.

  • Da’Zlein

    And now they’ve both landed a blow…

    • clockworkWolf

      the ronin is fully-armoured and armed with what’s now a pretty good knife. the samurai is badly bruised, and probably has broken ribs. still, that’s quite a nasty stab wound.

  • jULES

    I knew it!
    All those sessions talking, ‘yabber yabber yabber’,
    it didn’t help a whole lot.
    That’s because I didn’t get to use my fists!!!!!
    Man, if I’d known that all my problems could’ve been solved years ago…

  • B-loved Worlock

    Congrets, you graduted to a physcial beating.

  • DarthJazzHand

    Is it just me, or does Yori fight better with a broken sword?

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