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  • John Smith

    Somehow, I don’t think that’s going to help much. 😀

  • clockworkWolf

    whoa, he’s still conscious! impressive.

  • TimeDragonAsteroid

    Is it weird that i (for lack of a better word) admire how that foot was drawn?

  • SingingShadowFox

    “Okay, here’s your check.” “‘2 Ass-kickings, free of charge.’ What? But you only beat up 1 person.” “Oh, sorry. Lemme fix that.”

  • mateusz graven

    Wait, no one in the comments realized that he just said that he is of the Wataro clan!?

    • Kid Chaos

      “Yorikiro Wataro, at your service!”😎

    • animalia555


      • Agent 52

        Next comic

        • animalia555


          • Agent 52

            Pretty much

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