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Ken’s really romancing the stone, here! I love this dialog, and despite how I usually write Ken’s lines, this was all Joe’s doing! I’m kind of jealous of how ¬†great it is, wish I’d thought of it.

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  • Amy

    Ken is so …er… eloquent here. I wonder if she’ll still take him up on the implied date?

    • suburban_samurai

      Speculate at your own risk!

  • KungFuKlobber

    On the twelfth day of Bushido, my true love gave to me

    Twelve angry ninja
    Eleven Senshin soldiers
    Ten plucky farmers
    Nine flying arrows
    Eight swigs of sake
    Seven Bunzo boulders
    Six wacky travelers
    Five birdfish eggs

    Four Demons of Sorrow
    Three foreigners
    Two Shaolin monks
    And a Kunoichi by an oak tree

    • Have a rock


    • Sunwu

      KFK We always seem to be good at making Boshido X-mas Carols You did the Grinch parody we did roudolph the red nose reindeer with general Atsumori together
      The NN4FB fandom is kick ass when it comes to X-mas carol parodies

      • KungFuKlobber

        I don’t remember the Atsumori one. It’s a pity all the old comments got purged.

        • Sunwu

          It want something along the lines of
          “General Atsumori! Had a very shiny nose and if you ever saw it you would even say it glows, all of the other Samurai used to Laugh and call him names…..then one foggy twisted eve daimyo came came to say Atsu with your nose so bright won’t you slay some folks tonight…”

          And so on

          • suburban_samurai

            Joe’s threatened, once or twice, that he’d move all the comments over to the new site. It would be a massive undertaking, though, and we are extraordinarily busybodies here.

    • IDPounder

      *swigs egg nog*

    • charles81

      What am I gonna do – what about the ninja?
      Gotta draw the sword without delay
      Why shouldn’t I get emotional – its called a blood rage
      Stains on the sword will wipe away.

      Over the hill I go, killing another forest
      Gonna gut this 8!43# nice and slow
      Huge Zanbatou wiping out the scenery
      One big swipe like a reapers blow

      Rip Rip woodchip – gotta find the ninja
      gonna gut the girl no mercy hey!
      nightmare, dreaming – can’t you hear the screaming?
      chainsaw, eyesore – more decay

      • suburban_samurai

        The only thing preventing these brilliant alternate lyrics from shining is that no one has ever heard of this song before! (Well, by no one, I mean me…)

        • charles81

          I’ll inject some Aussie culture into you yet!

          …I wonder if Australia has even been discovered by Europeans in the NN4B world yet.

          Once a jolly Ronin, strolled into a ninja trap
          under the shade of some nipponese flora
          and he talked as he walked felling all the trees that bothered him
          “you’ll shoot a mile when I drop kick yer face!”

          Drop kick yer faaaace DROP KICK YER FAAAACE
          You’ll shoot a mile when I drop kick yer face
          and he talked as he3 walked falling all the trees that bothered him
          “You’ll dhoot a mile when I drop kick yer face!”

          • Dweezal

            Waltzing Matilda?

          • John Smith

            I have a pretty good Naruto/Old MacDonald parody I could use, but I don’t think it would fit the general theme. :)

      • arkcine

        I wish you were a merry ninja
        oh how I wish you were a merry ninja
        oh god how I wished you were a merry ninja
        as I ran away
        oh god how it hurts
        your arrow in my knee
        your sword in my spleen
        oh shit I’m bleeding out

        oh please stop trying to kill me
        oh please stop trying to kill me
        oh dear god stop trying to kill me
        it wasn’t my fault.
        oh god how it hurts
        your arrow in my knee
        your sword in my spleen
        oh shit I’m bleeding out

    • suburban_samurai

      I hope everyone’s aware that the only reason we’re associating these pages with Christmas is because of the time of year! In several months time, I feel this comment will be instrumental in explaining the deluge of Christmas themes in the comments. No one could figure it out, otherwise, certainly!

      • Speedy Marsh

        Tales of Ken’s leveling of the forest spread far and wide, and eventually, cutting down large swathes of forest became a Christmas tradition.

    • AmberOne

      Your song, its lyrics penetrate my soul. I love it.

  • arkcine

    romancing a ninja. the real most dangerous game.

    • Sam Zalereth

      Extremely dangerous, but oh so worth it if successful.
      By the way how can we NOT ship these two now?

      • suburban_samurai

        I leave the shipping as your prerogative. Also, I thought the most dangerous game was playing badminton with a stick of lit dynamite while riding wild grizzly bears.

        • Have a rock

          Nah…definitely romancing a ninja. As the saying goes:
          “Hell hath no fury like a woman ninja who is being flirted at.”
          I’d rather risk the grizzly bears…

        • sylverdrag

          Playing badminton with a lit stick of dynamite is more dangerous to me without the wild grizzly bears: At least if you have bears, it’s survivable:

          Serve and take cover on the proper side of the bear. You only need to last a couple seconds against the bear before the dynamite goes off. And a bear is an awesome cover…

          Who’s up for a game? I’d invite, but I only have wild tigers around these parts.

        • arkcine

          dangerous indicates you have a actual chance to survive. playing badminton with a stick of lit dynamite while riding wild grizzly bears WILL result in death

      • Red

        KenxSword there is always KenxSword.

  • Have a rock

    So THAT’S why all the trees in the last page were being destroyed in a straight line; all the ropes ahead of Ken mean that she’s leading him into some sort of trap!

    • jwkovell

      Oh she’s leading him on alright! Yumiko likes to play hard to get.

      • Have a rock

        Is that why she has so many scars and an eye-patch? She kept playing hard to get and the guys tried so hard to get that it resulted in violence?

        • suburban_samurai

          You should’ve seen the boys afterwards! Not a pretty sight.

      • Speedy Marsh

        Don’t give up, Ken! Her infinite quiver is totally worth it.

        Her unlimited supply of arrows is sorta nice, too.

      • MoveAlongCitizen

        I-it’s not like she’s impressed by him or anything, B-baka!

  • Sunwu

    Hey I just met you and this is crazy but here’s my Arrow! kill me maybe!

    • suburban_samurai

      stop handing out the instruments of your own demise!

  • Hfar

    Running carefree through the forest, hacking it down tree by tree in single minded pursuit, swearing to inflict grievous bodily harm while you try to murder each other. *sigh* Dates in the old days just had a certain something special.

    • suburban_samurai

      None of this thumb twiddling we have now! Back then, if you liked the girl, you just tried to drop a tree on her. Made your intentions 100% crystal clear!

  • Scott Henry

    She’s kinda hot.

    • suburban_samurai

      Most definitely.

      • Scott Henry

        Is she single? :-p

        • Kid Chaos


  • Scott Henry

    The comic still needs some good guy ninja types.

  • RobinGoodfellow

    ….. I ship it.

    • Kid Chaos

      Ship it! Ship it good! :)

  • Neska

    Ken’s sword looks too small in panel 2, but it’s a whole page of Ken so it’s inherently awesome!

    • suburban_samurai

      Ken’s sword is actually made of mimetic polyalloy so it can shift sizes when he suddenly needs to pull off more agile maneuvers with it.

      • Neska


      • Kid Chaos

        So ken is the Terminator? (pause) Seems legit. :)

  • Alicy-sunberg

    okay so Ken’s flirting, the pigs are flying and it’s the apocalypse outside but everything is fine

  • Premmy

    Who wouldnt be wooed by such sweet words?

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