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Those ninja will never be able to trust again.

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  • Steriema

    They should have left only one ninja at the entrance. By the Inverse Ninja Law, he would have stood a chance.

    • suburban_samurai

      If only! We might’ve ended up with an epic Cho vs Ninja battle that takes out half the forest. They could’ve summoned giant animals and screamed out attack names while they’re at it. It could’ve taken up the next 300 comic pages!

      • Jake

        naaaaww… keep the formula that works for you. why mess up a great mix? Sure epic Cho battle would be grand but Cho moments like the one featured in today’s comic add up. Random thought time: you ever see A warrior’s dream? since each movement is just bits of cinematic history added to that particular moment making it epic. it just might be the same with Cho. end random thought”

        • suburban_samurai

          that video is SOOO COOOOOL, my day is made, for seriously.

      • MoveAlongCitizen

        Oh, dear. You’ve been watching One Piece again, haven’t you?

  • Jerden

    Well, I’ve read through this webcomic – it’s brilliant! I’ll keep checking back for some more crazy adventures. Its got a great combination of comedy and plot, just the way I like it.

    • suburban_samurai

      Your opinion pleases me, Jerden.

  • Sunwu

    Halo announcer: Betrayal! Lost the lead! gain the lead! Tied the leader!

    • suburban_samurai

      Flawless Victory!

      • CaptainBetrayer


  • Scila

    I’m in love with this page, I have no words, just so funny. I wish my comment was more intelligent, but I’m too busy LOL. haha

    • suburban_samurai

      The desired effect is achieved!

  • KungFuKlobber

    Can you provide an image of this sans dialogue and sound effects, please? I’ve got an idea for a remix.

    • suburban_samurai

      how can I refuse such a request? I can not.

      • KungFuKlobber


    • John Smith

      I’m looking forward to the remix; let us know when it’s ready! 😀

  • charles81

    Beware Cho The Betrayer!

    • CaptainBetrayer

      Unfortunately, those of us in the know can’t claim him.

  • Charvale


    When opposition absolutely, positively needs to be knocked out without sounding the alarm, call on the blind monk!

  • Gillsing

    Those ninjas were Choboozled!

  • kzwix

    I might have missed it, but… is there a RSS stream for this comic ? When you follow more than 60 webcomics, that’s about the single way to not forget half of them…

    • jwkovell

      I too suffer below a hefty webcomic load. Here’s the RSS feed:

      • kzwix

        Thank you kindly. I just wish it was plainly shown on the website.

        However, I wonder… Does the author get ad revenue when one reads directly from the feed ? I’ve seen many webcomics provide only links, but those who display the comic in the feed, don’t they lose traffic, and thus ad money ?

        • jwkovell

          There’s a small loss in revenue, but it’s outweighed by happy readers who are then more likely to suggest the comic to friends and perhaps read through the archive once or twice and visit the site to post comments.

          Since NN4B is a story-based comic, most readers on the RSS feed have already given us hundreds of paid page views.

          Alex and I will continue to supply a feed containing a comic as long as it’s sustainable. Or we’d add a non-obtrusive ad to the RSS feed to make up for it. My only worry is if a 3rd party service used the feed to “host” the comic on their own sites without permission. That steals the bandwidth, readers, AND ad revenue.

          Thank you for keeping that in mind, though!

          • kzwix

            Ok. I’ll try to continue and visit the site, instead of only reading from the feed, but I have to say it’s easier to remember when the RSS only informs of a new update 😉

            But I get your point, and I concur, I’d gladly recommend NNFB to my friends. It’s well-written, well-drawn, and a very good comic overall. Honestly, I guess it’s on par with titles like Gaïa, Girl Genius, Exiern… So, thanks for creating this comic, thanks for continuing to provide this content, and thanks for being reader-friendly.

            Kzwix, French reader.

  • Eric

    Cho is a good friend even to his new friends. I’m sure he hit them hard enough to make sure that when Ken finishes mowing the forest and comes to the cave they will still be unconscious.
    The Tao says it’s ok to let old friends step on new friends a bit, but it’s not polite to let the new friends get KA-DOOSH!!-ed.

  • randompersonality

    Oh my gosh! That was awesome. Cho is the BEST! LOL! I can’t stop laughing and re-reading the panels just to watch Cho’s actions with the ninjas. The ninjas are probably like “Curse your sudden but your inevitable betrayal!” LOL

    • jwkovell

      They should’ve paid closer attention to Firefly.

      Cho always has the funniest encounters with enemies.
      – Called a ninja a walrus
      – Stopped and arm with an earthquake
      – Blended in inside a pointy hat shop
      – took out 5 Wataro soldiers while having a calm discussion with Ina

      He’ll have more such encounters soon. I guarantee it.

      • randompersonality

        Than I shall definitely keep reading!

  • AmberOne

    OH MY GOURD! Every time I read this, I nearly die laughing. The sfx are just too epic

  • Kid Chaos

    The Tao strikes again!

  • User Unknown

    When in doubt, throw Cho at it.

  • Falling Star

    Yes, it does.

  • Premmy

    Always small dramas happening in the background.

  • Frank Royce Harr

    It doesn’t. :)

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