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Outta the way, forest! Ken’s comin’ through! So I had to redraw Ken’s arms in that first panel because I realized that he was holding his sword with an opposite grip from what we’d seen on the previous page. It came out kind of awkward looking, I’m afraid (and now everyone will notice!) but I guess I’d rather have consistent and awkward over inconsistent? Granted, if you’re observantly reading through the archive, my tendency to accidentally change a character’s grip on his/her weapon is a common problem of mine…err, I mean, a common easter egg I like to throw in there for fun!

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  • Stephen

    Screw modern deforestation, Ken truly is the greatest threat to our forests being chopped down.

    • suburban_samurai

      Unfortunately, he would’ve passed on hundreds of years ago, making him a poor scapegoat for any current ecological disaster! Also, he’s a fictional cartoon character, but that’s of secondary importance.

    • Ben Johnston

      He also might be a video-game character. As in this whole thing is Lex and Matrix running a simulation.

      • Neska

        I really hope it isn’t all a simulation: unless that sort of thing is crucial to the premise it just feels like a cop-out to me.

  • Charvale

    Ken’s Lumber Company.
    If it stands in our way, we’ll chop it down.

    • suburban_samurai

      Ken’s missing out on a great entrepreneurial opportunity!

      • Kire Du’Hai

        He’s making too much of a killing in the mugging industry to divert his portfolio into lumber investment, though.

  • Sunwu

    Ken’s a Lumberjack and that’s okay!!!!

    • KungFuKlobber

      He acted in kabuki and frequents sake bars!

    • Jaibyrd

      Dear Sir, I wish to complain in the strongest possible terms about the
      song which you have just broadcast about the lumberjack who wears
      women’s clothes. Many of my best friends are lumberjacks, and only a few
      of them are transvestites.

      Yours faithfully, Brigadier Sir Charles
      Arthur Strong (Mrs.)

      P.S. I have never kissed the editor of the NNFB.

      • suburban_samurai

        Also, this is a DEAD PARROT.

        • randompersonality

          I am so in love with the comments section of this comic…

          • anony

            Yes, it is a rare gem among its peers. (in a good way)

  • Yacc

    I wonder whether Ken can fulfill his promise.

  • Lady Courage

    Look how much Ken cares about the ecosystem. C’mon then, work with the man! SAVE THE FOREST!

    • suburban_samurai

      Ken’s a true preservationist!

  • Thiago Kurovski

    I smell a romance between the two. Picnics on battle sites (while the battle is going on), strolls along Wataro army camps, playing sunset-Kadoosh, all including lots of sake, of course…

    • suburban_samurai

      Well that sounds lovely!

      • Thiago Kurovski


      • KungFuKlobber

        THAT expression on KEN’s face is the most terrifying thing I’ve ever seen.

      • Kid Chaos

        OMG, that’s so damn cute…

    • MoveAlongCitizen

      He’s an Alcoholic Ronin.
      She’s an Unemployed Ninja.
      Together…. THEY FIGHT CRIME.

  • Hakka


    • suburban_samurai

      In a perverse sort of way…

  • Gis

    I like how the arrow hits right between the armor.

    • suburban_samurai

      He’s a good shot when her arrows aren’t being plucked from the sky!

      • anony

        Seriously though, them arrows aren’t poisoned at all? Not even a sleeping agent?

        • Matthew Geletka

          I think Ken’s adrenaline will wear off soon, and then it’ll be sleepy time.

        • Speedy Marsh

          He’s spent the last few years building up an immunity to iocane powder. Well, actually it’s sake that he’s immune to, but his body has grown accustomed to chemical abuse.

  • Matthew Geletka

    Prediction time:
    I think that Ken’s bloodlust won’t hold out and he’ll get knocked out, BUT when he wakes up he’ll find a kindred spirit as he witnesses Masuhiro’s elite ninja killin skillz.

  • charles81

    Heh, the arrows are tipped. And yeah! for once, I wouldn’t mind seeing armor actually work. But if our adventurers are smart here, then I suspect Ken is the distraction while they circle back in to let Cho and Yori take on Yumiko.

    And don’t worry about the awkward stance. We’re about as likely to notice it as the missing scratch on his cheek ;P

    • suburban_samurai

      why you, I outta…!

    • Jake

      the scratch is missing due to ken’s long-ish hair. it has healing properties perhaps or does it have a camouflaging effect when triggered by high speed head turns? The answer to these questions and more on the next “Days of our liv…” um…. *ahem* excuse me “No need for Bushido!”

  • Da’Zlein

    The only question is, what will give out first, Ken’s poison resistance or the forest’s supply of trees?

    • Dylan

      Well, he’s been grinding his Poison Resistance skill for as long as we’ve known him. (Remember, alcohol is a toxin.)

    • MoveAlongCitizen

      Unfortunately, I still think Ken would give out first. It’d be close, though.

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