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  • John Smith

    At least it’s not a brick flail. 😀

    • Dani

      Or a rat flail

    • Orobeast

      Damn, you got me hooked on another comic. I’m running out of Chrome tabs…

    • TheGreatEater

      Thanks for the comic link. You are awesome ^_^.

  • Derkins

    i love how Ina’s attitude has morphed into as her feelings for Yori have grown :3

  • Premmy

    pros and cons of the flail use

  • Purphoros

    *glances at the d20 next to the keyboard*

    • ???

      Those two must have negative modifiers.

      • Purphoros

        I was actually referring to Cho, who has apparently never seen a die with more than six sides. Or heard of it, for that matter.

        But yeah, they are not the smartest. Good thing it was just a flail and not a set of sword-chucks. A GM of ours used to let overly fancy players “find” those, and whoever used them soon learned their true nature. They are true WSDs, Weapons of Self Destruction.

        • ???

          Nice. I threw a monster at my group once that could absorb the wizard’s fire spells and then throw them back at him. The devils had hero bacon that day >:)

    • psYcHOticHiCKeN

      I assumed he meant a pair of d6. The statistics are one in six of rolling a 7 on two six sided dice. The unlucky have the same odds for any number as the lucky.

      • Purphoros

        Nah, he obviously means a single d6. He’s referring to an impossible feat, for which luck does not matter. That’s what rolling a seven with a six-sided die is: Impossible.
        …well, unless you’re Cohen the barbarian.

        In this case, it’s a suggestion to do with a few people what even a small army couldn’t. Instead of the option doomed to fail, choose one with even lower odds since the chances can’t get any worse.

        Btw, your interpretation is a paradox… If there is such a thing as a lucky or unlucky person, they would have different odds. If the odds are the same for everyone, then there is no such thing as lucky or unlucky people. There can either be personal luck or statistically correct chance. Those are mutually exclusive concepts.

        • Ellie Sogol

          Thank you for the Pratchett reference.

  • Rolf Soldaat

    *die. Dice is plural.

  • Nos Rin aka CTCO

    again cho makes perfect sense what the frak happened?!

  • MoveAlongCitizen

    Ina’s finally getting into the spirit of things, I see.

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