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  • Wilowah

    I love intense farmer guy. So much.

  • Vadik

    He reminds me of the foamy mouth guy form Avatar: The Last Airbender

    • Derkins

      totally does

    • John Smith

      More like Sokka, but good analogy all the same.

      • animalia555

        I thought Ina was the Sokka of this series.

        • Kid Chaos

          No, Ina is more like Katara. Early!Yori was a bit more like Sokka, but he’s less Comic Relief and more The Hero these days. 😎

          • animalia555

            No. What I meant what hile Ina may not be much use in a one on one fight she is a strategic genius. Similar to how Sokka was the “idea guy” of team avatar. He may be underpowered as an individual, but he more then made up for that with his keen mind.

          • Kid Chaos

            “Keen mind”? Are we talking about the same Sokka here? 😡

          • animalia555

            You mean the Sokka who lead the Invasion during The Day Of Black Sun, or who took down the Fire Nation Fleet during the Finale? If so then Yes. Yes we are.

          • Kid Chaos

            I suppose we’ll have to agree to disagree…although that finale was pretty badass. And rather touching, in a way. “Goodbye, Space Sword!” *sniff* 😭

          • animalia555

            How about Ina is Sokka MINUS the comic relief elements. Does that work?

          • Kid Chaos

            Um, no, because Ina=Katara. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. 😜

          • animalia555

            Why can’t Ina be BOTH Sokka AND Katara?

          • Kid Chaos

            That…makes absolutely no sense at all. *pause* I like it! 😎

    • Ellie Sogol

      I do not remember this. Someone please link.

  • Connor A. McAllister

    Yay!! Farmers Guy survived!!

    • Da’Zlein

      A hero we can all believe in

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  • Ben Johnston


  • Filipe de SΓ‘


  • tinwatchman

    “farrrrmmmerssss! … stealth mode.”

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