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  • John Smith

    Gotcha! :)

  • Derkins

    tricked the tricksta XD

    • This guy

      Madhatter would be impressed
      I can’t tell if he is though.

      • MoveAlongCitizen

        Arkham City Mad Hatter was legitimately threatening, not gonna lie.

  • Da’Zlein


  • Ben Johnston

    “Hanging around a Kabuki theater actually /does/ teach useful skills, oddly enough.”

  • Speedy Marsh

    Live by the trick, die by the trick.

  • Sam DunKley

    He beat Ryuko, the Blind Blade, with his eyes closed.

    He beat Uso, the Trickster, with a feint and a false blade.

    How shall he defeat the Demon? Through superior bloodlust, losing a part of himself to the fight? How shall he defeat the Honorable One? Through superior skill, pure and untainted?

    The green fog lifts, but questions remain….

    • Kid Chaos

      Yori will find a way to use their strengths against them. :)

  • Oscar Rojas

    Let’s hope the other assassins take the hint and leave Yori alone after this.

    • Kid Chaos

      I wouldn’t bet the farm on it. 👿

    • Daniel Danilenko

      Let’s hope they don’t. Cause I love this comics!

  • Daniel Danilenko

    Cool! I had fallen for the trick!

  • Dani

    “Ina calls me Yori when we’re alone”

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