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  • Djer

    Ken’s happy. They won’t like him when he’s happy.

    • Kunnaki

      What happens if he’s mad?

      • suburban_samurai

        They won’t like him when he’s mad either!

        • Genach Hause

          Actually, they won’t like him regardless of his mood…

          • Kalrakh

            But I guess, mad is far worse than happy, happy is more playful? 😀

          • ValeDN

            Playful, like taking more time to kill them while laughing maniacally?…
            …. Yeah, maybe mad is worse. Maybe

          • Quiet Mastermind

            Eh, I’ve meet worse

        • tinwatchman

          Let’s be honest here. They’re just not gonna like him, no matter what the circumstances.

  • Zapmolcuno

    I only just realized how ridiculously anime that sword really is

    • Kid Chaos

      Totally compensating for something.

    • User Unknown

      As a matter of fact, this would make a great anime!

    • SotiCoto

      It is even bigger than the swords in Monster Hunter… and those were already outlandishly huge.

      Physics runs away crying like a little girl at the sight of it.

    • animalia555

      Didn’t Sanosuke used to have a sword like that?

      • SotiCoto

        Even Guts’s Dragonslayer from Berserk is nowhere close to being as big as Ken’s sword. Even a Nerf sword that big could do serious injuries if you hit someone with it… or tried to lift it.

        • Quiet Mastermind

          Cool comparison

  • Neska

    Oh, Ken, you adorable psycho . . .

  • AmberOne

    Oh my god it’s been six years and this page still gives me inordinate amounts of joy

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