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  • John Smith

    Yeah, suuuure you were. :)

  • Ben Johnston

    wait, wait, wait… he splorched that guy with a staff?! holy crap!

    • Kid Chaos

      You think that’s good? HA! You ain’t seen nothing yet…er, so to speak.

  • Cross Ikon

    I think Sun Tzu said that once – “I’m gonna whoop your ass because you’re a prick”

    Okay, no… Maybe those were the subtitles.

    • Kid Chaos

      Something is always lost in translation. 😎

  • Kat

    New reader here, and I already love this comic!

    • Alex Kolesar

      I assure you the best in yet to come!

  • DarthJazzHand

    Teaching of Tao #48
    “As the wise Buddha opens his mind to the universe, so must you crack open some skulls lest you find yourself afoul some punk-ass ninjas”

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