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  • John Smith

    Double crap. :)

  • Da’Zlein

    Your sword’s always long enough if you believe!

  • clockworkWolf

    why did they agree to fight him? they’re assassins. he obviously cares about this random lady they just found, why not take her hostage?

    • Kid Chaos

      Why bother? He’s right there, so they probably figure they can kill him *and* Ina easily enough. Or so they thought…

      • clockworkWolf

        these guys are professionals. they’re paid to kill Ina and Ina only. anything else is a waste of their time.

        • SingingShadowFox

          Actually, when the guy went through the names, he said “Room 9”. Room 9 was Yori’s until the earlier exchange. Besides, when they found her, they say “not him.” Therefor, they were looking for Yori, not Ina.

  • Ben Johnston

    Yyyyup…. Hero’s intelligence (or lack thereof) confirmed XD

  • Falling Star

    Please don’t be a repeat of Marah.

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