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  • Derkins

    I’m almost sad to be on Yori’s side. Ryoku is a total badass.

    • Zapmolcuno

      Apparently, being blind in this comic is actually a benefit rather than a disability

      • Derkins

        Like a samurai daredevil :p

      • suburban_samurai

        I find this to be a common theme in martial arts movies!

        • Kid Chaos

          So that’s why you used it twice in one webcomic? Fascinating…

          • 627235

            I would love to see a realistically blind person in a martial arts work. Then again, such a person would likely have given up on being martial artist while blind a long time ago. Maybe a blind Don Quixote kind of character instead?

      • psYcHOticHiCKeN

        The eyes see what has happened. The tao senses what will happen. It takes time to react.

        • Zapmolcuno

          That works for Cho, but I don’t think Ryoku uses the tao

  • Quiet Mastermind

    Jeez, you suck Yori🤦🏾‍♂️

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