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Panel 1. Masuhiro and Kagome Senshin are standing on a balcony outside Senshin castle.

Dear, isn’t it time you told Ina about the wedding arrangement?

Kagome, precious, I was hoping that you might tell her.

You’re not getting me to do your dirty work. you made the treaty and you can tell her.

Panel 2.


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  • John Smith

    Fate hurts. :)

    • Insane Disciple

      She can be a bitch

  • clockworkWolf

    shouldn’t she have brought some stuff with her? you know, as opposed to wandering off with literally nothing but her clothes.

    • Alex FAN

      I think the faulty bed sheets show just how well of a planer she is.

  • ???

    and better bed sheets…

  • GreatWyrmGold

    I know this isn’t what you were going for, but…I can’t help but notice that the universe’s response to Ina declaring that she will control her fate is to prove her wrong. It almost seems like her attempt at gaining agency is being treated as a joke.

    • suburban_samurai

      I have no intention of defending these jokes, as I wrote them when I was 18 and clearly wasn’t thinking very hard about what made them funny! It is as cringe worthy as most things produced by 18 year olds.

      • animalia555

        Donโ€™t be. Tempting fate is ALWAYS funny. It would be just as funny if the same thing happened to Yori.

  • AGV

    And fate said “HA!”

    • Doctor_Seuth

      Fate says “I toe’d ya so!”

  • LazyReader

    Silk: Good for sheets, bedding and fine accoutrements……..Not escaping.

  • Adam of the Real World

    When you give the universe a set up like walking at night while looking up and announcing your control over fate…she got lucky with just a face first fall.

    She lucky that fate left her some dignity and didn’t include a cream pie to fall face first into

    • TekServer

      Or a cow patty …

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