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  • KungFuKlobber


    Panel 1: *’Im (assuming Ken is referring to one mime)
    Need a comma after “well”
    Panel 3: Comma after “food” should be exchanged for a period or semicolon
    Panel 5: Need a comma after “C’mon”

    • jwkovell


  • Nick Godby

    Whats wrong did he see a ghost?

  • Kid Chaos

    No hair pulling!

  • Neska

    Actually, you get the hallucinations when you’re sobering up rather than when you’re drunk . . .

    • Kid Chaos

      Depends on what you’ve been drinking.

      • Neska

        Well, Absinthe was not generally available in Japanese bars of the time . . . but maybe some sort of opium-based liqueur (someone has to have thought of that at some point!) . . . 😛
        However, they appear to be drinking sake which I have never heard of causing hallucinations in people who drink it, except for the possibility of DT hallucinations (which do not depend on the type of alcohol drunk).

        • Kid Chaos

          What if it was crappy bathtub sake?

          • Neska

            It would still require some sort of contaminant, since ethanol (the alcohol in all alcoholic beverages, since it doesn’t kill us [not quickly, anyway] like methanol) doesn’t cause hallucinations on its own. And once we start talking contamination, there are far too many variables out of our control to predict anything.

          • animalia555

            Live and learn

        • 627235

          Good Absinthe wouldn’t cause hallucinations, either. It was just whatever likely poisonous substance was used to get the green color in crappy knockoff absinthe a century ago that caused them.

  • Quiet Mastermind

    See ya, Murasaki jerk

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