Welcome to NN4B!

Welcome back, Bushido readers, the new site is live! Be aware we’re still working out the kinks, but I think you’ll notice the much streamlined layout. No more main page to get to the archive, now you’re there immediately! You may also notice that reading through the archive is MUCH faster, and you can use your arrows keys to navigate back and forwards!

Joe will be posting the NN4B Remix pages one a day until they’re all up in the new Remix archive. We’ve also posted various extra content pages, including the 9 page story recap we just finished yesterday, in the Bonus Content archive. These can be accessed through the ‘Extras’ link at the top of the page. We’ll eventually have a home archive page to more easily navigate the various bonus pages and main archive. At the moment, browsing the archive is mostly a ‘straight forward or back’ affair. Stick with us as we implement more features!

As for the actual STORY, we’re going to be introducing all sorts of new/old characters/problems right off that will become quite significant later down the line! But worry not, we’ll be back to the main cast soon enough. You’ve all waited a year, so a couple more weeks to find out what’s going on with Yori and Co. is no big deal, right? Updates will now be happening every MONDAY AND THURSDAY so the next page will be up on the 19th. Look forward to it!

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  • Nathan

    Can we expect to get an RSS feed soon? ‘Cause that would be quite handy.

    • http://www.nn4b.com suburban_samurai

      It’s high on Joe’s “things to do” list. We’ve got Matsuricon coming on the 23rd, so it might slow down the implementation of all site features, but the rss feed will happen soon enough! (Oh Joe, dare I make promises in your stead??)

    • jwkovell

      You’re in luck! It’s not linked yet, but the RSS Feed is up and running: http://nn4b.com/?feed=rss

  • Hakka

    HAAAAAA I love the new site design! Getting to the new page directly is a very nice thing to have and the arrow keys to navigate, yes! And also two updates a week, yes, yes, yes, so much yes.
    Also, to point out a maybe bug in the system, this artist comment is dated from March 31st 2013. Unless I’ve gone back in time without realizing OR you’ve had that written out ever since and kept it hidden?


    • http://www.nn4b.com suburban_samurai

      Your delight is infectious, Hakka! Dunno why it says March 31st, though…

  • Ginger Mayerson

    Whee, it’s back! Thanks, guys.