NN4B Volumes 1 & 2 On Sale for Holiday Season

NN4B Volumes 1 & 2 On Sale
Hello, Bushido readers! Our printed volumes 1 & 2 are currently available on sale at the Hivemill webstore for the remainder of the holiday season. Each book is lovingly and tenderly hand signed by Joe and Alex. At last you have the opportunity to read NN4B the way it was meant to be experienced (after we spent many hours formatting it for print)!! Now GO, buy books! LET THE LEGEND COME BACK TO LIFE!

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  • Jeff Murdoch

    Love the story; bought the books. But is Hivemill shipping them? It’s been like 2 weeks in my case. Did they run out of awesomeness?
    Best wishes, guys!

    • jwkovell

      Hi Jeff, thanks for the order!

      A small hiccup meant that we received shipping information for the first batch of orders this week.

      Hivemill will be shipping future orders, but until they have books to ship (that’s kind of important), I’m mailing out items directly.

      If you haven’t received a shipping notice yet, please email me at jwkovell@gmail.com and I’ll figure out what’s going on.

  • Krishna Dudhee

    Are there no ebooks of volume 1 and 2 cause I tried to look for it but it is not listed as ebooks is this a glitch?