Bonus Content!

Doge Fanmix

Joe made a new NN4B REMIX PAGE!!! It’s great, as usual. CHECK IT. Also, we have a fanmix page from Jessica which only the internet meme savvy will get! If you want to be in the know, then check out this know you meme link!

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  • Kid Chaos

    Great stuff! I love it!

    • Mr. Chaotic

      @KidChaos_74656:disqus I pressed check it, and am not sure if the cOmic is seriously like that speech fr the whole thing?

      • Kid Chaos

        Well…you might say that there’s a lot of tongue-in-cheek humor. Almost constantly, to be perfectly honest. Tell you what, just go back to the beginning and give it a whirl (at least long enough for Cho and Ken to join the party), then tell me what you think. I hope you’ll like it. 😎

      • jwkovell

        The original script is almost as crazy –

        • Mr. Chaotic

          😮 thanks!
          Well, the expressions certainly match the words there!