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  • Kid Chaos

    Hey, that’s my favorite sword!

  • Da’Zlein

    Pulling the sword blade first into yourself… I wonder how many points she put into the air dodge skill…

    • DanD

      Good rule of thumb. If you don’t have pretty good control of where the end of a flexible weapon is going, it’s not the weapon you should be weilding.

  • Bystander in E Minor

    Jesus, she has bows on her stockings. Go home femninja, you’re a fashion nightmare.

    • jULES

      No, no.
      The bows make clear were dealing with someone of the feminine persuasion here.
      Otherwise we wouldn’t have known, because of the mask you see.

      • Ladon

        Thanks for clearing these things up for us.

        • jULES

          You’re welcome.

  • This guy

    I would’ve sidestepped and said, “thanks for the heads up!”

  • Nos Rin aka CTCO

    Looks like more improvement on the art.

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