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  • Da’Zlein

    Oh no! A lady in a bathing suit! What will he do?

    • Kid Chaos

      Fold like a paper fan?

    • jULES

      Take her out swimming.

  • clockworkWolf

    again: why is she wearing that ridiculous outfit?

    • Kid Chaos

      Because FANSERVICE!

    • Agent 52

      It distracts her enemy potentially causing a moment of weakness or embarrassment she can take advantage of.

  • SingingShadowFox

    Why are there 2 possibly-time-traveler girls in skimpy outfits?

    …that’s a statement I never imagined myself saying.

    • Kid Chaos

      The redhead is a possible time-traveller; the blonde ninja-lady is contemporary. 😍

      • Mr. Chaotic

        no idea what page this is (in yr profile)

        • Kid Chaos

          If you’ve been reading No Need for Bushido, you’d know this by now…but let me lay it out for you, anyway! First, read this… 😜

          Now then…there’s a redheaded chick named “Matrix” who pops up occasionally, sticking her big fat bosom (and other assorted body parts) into Yorikiro’s business (usually to save his life). There’s also a big black guy named “Lex” who shows up much less frequently and doesn’t interfere with anyone. Their mysterious ways and suspiciously modern clothing, tools, etc., have lead many fans to suspect that they are time travellers. Their real identities and motives remain a mystery to this day. 😎

  • dr pepper

    Now she’s manga woman.

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