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  • John Smith

    Title drop! I love it! One of my favorite moments in the whole webcomic. 😀

  • Da’Zlein

    I’m not retreating! I’m advancing in another direction!

    • cbwroses

      I’m not running away! It’s a strategic withdrawal!

  • clockworkWolf

    well played, sir. well played.

  • jULES

    She has no need for Bushido but he must die for honor?

    • Ellie Sogol

      Yes, that confused me too, but then I know fuckall about Bushido. *shrug*

      • jULES

        It obviously was sarcasm…

        • Ellie Sogol

          It was obviously not obvious.

          • billydaking

            She has no need, but he apparently does. So he can go die in honor.

      • animalia555

        To be fair Bushido was created AFTER the wars were ended as a way to keep out of work Samurai in line, so it’s not like actual WARRING Samurai had any need for Bushido either. They were WAY to practical for that.

  • animalia555

    I don’t know. I think Syl would find Yori’s conduct here quite honorable.

  • LazyReader

    “he said the thing on the show” the family guy

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