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Actually, Ken kind of is – in an emo/revenge sort of way.

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  • KungFuKlobber

    Genchu is sentimental. Ken is just mental.

    • Sunwu

      and Cho likes to be experimental

      • charles81

        Yumiko is clearly environmental
        Yukuzane has become intergovernmental
        And Ken’s kick has likely left poor Fumio quite excremental

        • Sunwu

          Fujio’s hat is not ornamental but rather instrumental to the plot! While Masuhiro’s Judgmental attitude with his daughter needs to stop because the political scene in this world seems to be getting more and more fragmental!

          • suburban_samurai

            You’re all quite mental, I think!

  • Hfar

    So either Genchu was there recently or he knows Ken well enough to leave a note to a ninja clan saying “Please don’t kill mah boi.” I’m betting on the latter, just because it’d be funny.

    • Sarah

      Well, if they’re from the same almost dead clan, she’d recognize the symbol on his gigantic sword.

      • Thiago Kurovski

        But where is HER gigantic sword? Maybe the trunk she used in the trap is actually a sword in disguise??? Or her bow is some kind of portable giant Transformers sword???

        • Neska

          Not every Daisuke wielded a zanbatou, they just happened to be famous for having a battalion (the Japanese equivalent anyway) who did.
          Considering the fact she’s an bloody good archer, she prolly never trained with the zanbatou.

      • Hfar

        Hmm, good point. Should be interesting in any case. *gets popcorn*

  • yukizane4eva

    Good thing she won, we don’t want a Luke and Leia deal goin on here. Look out Nataku, strength in numbers…

  • Sunwu

    Genchu, can you hear me? Genchu,Can you see me? Genchu, can you find me in the night?
    The trees hit so much harder!! Nataku punches stronger, and I feel so much smaller…
    Genchu, please forgive me. Try to understand me; Genchu, don’t you know I had no choice? Can you hear my drunken singing? Anything I’m saying? Even though the Sake bar is filled with voices?

    • Sunwu

      I remember everything you taught me! Every move you did!!!! Can all the practice in all the Dojos help me to face what lies ahead??!

      • suburban_samurai

        The Ballad of Daisuke

  • John Smith

    I’m really digging that eyepatch ninja–Yumiko, right? Is she covering up an old injury or a Sharingan? Inquiring minds want to know! 😀

    • Thiago Kurovski

      She has a portal to an infinite store of weapons behind the eyepatch… I mean, how did you think she had that many arrows?

      “Ken, catch!”

    • Xinef

      Or… she’s a pirate in disguise!

      She doesn’t talk, since she doesn’t want anyone to hear her pirate speech.

      • margarinecup

        Pirates in disguise! YU-MI-KO!

    • suburban_samurai

      We already did a ‘weird eye behind an eyepatch’ bit!

  • TheMaskedFerret

    She’s probably his older sister.

  • Grace

    I saw the non-yellow question mark by Ken’s head . . . my first reaction was, “Okay, I haven’t finished my quest for him yet.”

  • Mike

    Ken would respond with greater force, usually. If he wasn’t already keeping his internal organs from falling out of his ears by sheer force of will.

  • Have a rock

    Knew it!

  • Scott Henry

    So many hot ninja babes. I need hot ninja babes in my life. Evil or Good, as long as they are hot.

    • MoveAlongCitizen

      Sad thing is, Ninjas only come into your life if they’re trying to kill you or working for you.

  • Neska

    Battle-damaged Ken . . . I don’t think he can ever not be hot . . .

    • Kid Chaos

      Don’t stop not dying being hot, Ken! :)

  • Premmy

    Flying paper notes are the ancestors of texts. Dont text while driving.

    • TekServer

      I now have a mental image of someone driving down the road flinging clouds of post-it notes out the window.
      I have achieved my daily belly laugh, and can now go to bed. Thanks!

  • Insane Disciple

    Yeah, ?

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