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  • darkside000

    Is it just me, or does Yukizane bear something of a resemblance to Iroh from Avatar The Last Airbender?
    Was that on purpose Suburban Samurai, or just a coincidence?

    • jwkovell

      You’ll have to ask the creators of Avatar ’cause Yukizane came first!

      • darkside000

        You have no idea how much this made me laugh.

        • Have a rock

          Either way, they are both awesome characters!

  • Sunwu

    Yukizane: the Father Ina wish she had.

  • KungFuKlobber

    Oh, no! Yukizane’s turning into Cryptic Old Guy!

    • suburban_samurai

      He has a PHD in Cryptology.

      • darkside000

        Seems more like a PHD in Mysteriousness with extensive research in Political Subterfuge and Combat Stratagems.

  • Mike

    “Can’t be stuck playing by the old rules?” Is that right… feels like it should be “Can’t get stuck playing by the old rules.” (Said the man who does not write nor animate a web comic)

    • suburban_samurai

      I think neither is grammatically incorrect, but I do like your wording better. I’ll add it to the list of tweaks to give this page.

  • Red

    Masuhiro’s scowl may frighten his enemies but Yukizane’s eyes looks right through your soul.

  • John Smith

    Love the Abraham Lincoln references. “So you’re the little lady who started this big war.”–to Harriet Beecher Stowe, author of “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”

    Also “the game is changing,” etc.; referencing “The dogmas of the quiet past are inadequate to the stormy present. The occasion is piled high with difficulty, and we must rise — with the occasion. As our case is new, so we must think anew, and act anew. We must disenthrall ourselves, and then we shall save our country.” 😀

    • Sunwu

      “If Daimyo Mashiro isn’t using the army Id like to borrow it for a while.” -Yukizane Lincoln

      • SoItBegins


    • suburban_samurai

      Joe had expressed concerns that no one would catch the Lincoln reference! His worries were unfounded, it would seem!

      • anony

        The internet is often fast and horrible.

  • minor correction

    I believe Ina is missing her scarf thing in the second panel.

    • suburban_samurai

      Ha! It must’ve fallen off, and then, you know, she put it back on.

      • anony

        Seems legit.

  • Xinef

    How many of you talk about politics when hugging your relatives? … I should certainly try that too!

    • TheMaskedFerret

      There are plenty of relatives that would stop hugging you so much if you did that.

      • randompersonality

        So what you’re saying is I should try it… Right?

        • TheMaskedFerret

          If you don’t want those relatives hugging you, then, yes. Beware. You may accidentally mention politics to a political junkie, and then they may talk to you more. about politics.

          Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

          • randompersonality

            *Shudders* I will take that into consideration…

  • Lady Courage

    Awwwwww… Little Tactician and Big Tactician huggles. And- is that a tear down Ina’s cheek?

    I need an Uncle Yukizane.

  • Eltharrion

    EDITION CHANGE! NN4B switches over to 3rd edition rulebook!

    • WaytoomanyUIDs

      Just as long as they steer clear of 4th edition!

      • Eltharrion

        Nah, they jump over it into 5th edition of Shadowrun: Tao style.

        • Hfar

          Surprise twist; Matrix and Lex are actually Deckers hired by the Renraku and Shiawase corporations respectively to gain control over a lost corner of the net represented as a recreation of feudal Japan.

          • Eltharrion

            And everyone here is just VRing and have already forgotten the real world?

          • Hfar

            Pretty much. Either that or they do know and the entire story is actually just one big allegory of the mind.

          • Eltharrion

            PLOT TWIST!
            …It was all just a dream…

          • Hfar

            A dream…in Cho’s mind.

  • Scott Henry

    Obviously its going to become a ninja webcomic because Ninja have no need for Bushido!

  • Hfar

    Yuki: Look, I’ve got a job to do. Where I’m going, you two can’t follow. What I’ve got to do, you can’t be any part of. I’m no good at being noble, but it doesn’t take much to see that the problems of three little warlords don’t amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world. Someday you’ll both understand that.

    • Kid Chaos

      Here’s looking at you, kid. :)

  • lightsabermario

    The game is changing. Winter is coming.

  • Ben Johnston

    Nobunaga is coming. XD

  • Neska

    See, Yukizane just recruited you a whole ninja clan [i]without having to pay them[/i]!

    • Kid Chaos

      Use the angled brackets, like in basic HTML.

      • MoveAlongCitizen

        You mean: like this ?

        • Kid Chaos

          Precisely! 😎

  • animalia555

    I know this is an old post to make this comment on but I am doing a reread of NN4B. And since I know Subuurban Samurai is a fan of Brandon Sanderson you may find it interesting to know that Yukizane’s speech here about not getting stuck in old ways, which I acknowledge came first, reminds me of Dalinar’s speech about his not following things JUST because they are old, as well as the origin of why his master tied his takama three times in Oathbringer. Basically this is a case of great minds thinking alike.

    • suburban_samurai

      Ha, I’ll take it! I do love Dalinar…

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