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  • John Smith

    Nobody puts Baby in the corner. 😀

    • Fengsune

      Not without walls and babysitters going missing. :}

  • Neska

    Never forbid a princess . . . especially one that has already proven herself more than willing to defy orders . . .

    • Kid Chaos

      “Never give an order that you know won’t be obeyed.”
      –Military aphorism (maybe coined by Sun Tzu, I couldn’t say for sure). :)

  • User Unknown

    Last panel kind of reminds me of Lion King.
    “Uh oh, you called him a pig!”

  • Rancell Avella

    Why’d Yori’s hair suddenly enter ponytail style?

    • MoveAlongCitizen

      Ina put it like that when he was out?

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