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  • Derkins

    i don’t think i mention it enough: I LOVE CHO 😀

    • John Smith

      We all do.

  • Premmy


  • Ben Johnston

    Don’t stop not dying Cho.

  • Speedy Marsh

    His moves were fast as lightning

    • Kid Chaos

      In fact, it was a little bit frightening! :)

      • Estefan Olivares

        But he fought with expert timing

        • MoveAlongCitizen

          He’s a funky Chinaman

  • This guy

    Wow! this fight had SO MUCH blood in it.
    Ghost battles are weird.

  • TimeDragonAsteroid

    When i saw the way Cho was running and the questionmark on the vs i suspected somefin like this :>

  • SotiCoto

    How did his hair get THAT long?

    • Kid Chaos

      The Tao? 😜

    • 627235

      He’s just way better at dodging haircut attacks than, say, Yori.

  • animalia555

    Cho knows that The Greatest Victory Is The Battle Not Fought.

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